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Why is a Male Fertility Evaluation Important if you are struggling to get pregnant?

Male fertility checks are essential when you are trying to conceive without any success. Get your fertility checked by the experts of MotherToBe fertility clinic in Hyderabad. Resolve your fertility issues with holistic treatment.

One should, however, understand that there are different reasons why couples are experiencing infertility and an incapability to conceive needs to be addressed on both levels. It is crucial that the male partner undergoes fertility testing at the earliest opportunity as some men tend to put this off, and believe that the problem lies with the female partner.

If a man is having trouble getting your partner pregnant, then he will need to consult a fertility doctor at a trusted fertility clinic in Hyderabad like MotherToBe. We are the leading fertility center in Hyderabad that offers comprehensive fertility evaluation checks for both men and women along with advanced fertility treatments. One such screening is the male fertility check is ideal for men who are struggling to conceive, or have been trying for over a year and do not yet have a child. Being the leading fertility clinic in Hyderabad, we facilitate male infertility patients with care, support from experienced urologists and andrologists.

 In the vast majority of cases where there is a problem and the couple is trying to conceive, the issues lie with the man – even in cases where there is evidence of an issue with the female reproductive system. This is because the sperm has to be healthy enough to fertilize an egg.

Age is a huge factor to consider when it comes to fertility and age is something that cannot be changed. Male fertility issues are not often thought of much, but things like sperm quality can decline with age. MotherToBe IVF center in Hyderabad is also involved in various researches and in one of the studies it is estimated that by the time a man reaches 40 he may have lost as much as 50% of the sperm he had in his teens and 20s. It has been said that men should be having their first child by 30 and should stop trying to have a baby by 35. Some experts even go so far as to say that a man over 40 should not try to have children at all.

Physical examination 

Semen analysis 

Sperm tests are generally administered by fertility specialists in Hyderabad or by the doctors, embryologists of the IVF center in   Hyderabad. In order to help your body produce healthy sperm, you should consider a comprehensive semen test at the beginning of any infertility treatment plan.

The male fertility check is a quick and simple procedure that should be carried out as a matter of course before you start any treatment. Even if you do not require hormone or other medication, it is essential to ensure that you have no sperm or semen problems that could affect the success of your treatment.

Conceiving isn’t always easy and a Male Fertility Check at a verified IUI fertility hospital in Hyderabad can help. These tests measure the quality and quantity of sperm in a man’s semen, with both factors having an impact on fertility. If sperm quality or quantity is low, it means there will be less chance of conception taking place and we recommended seeking help from a fertility specialist in Hyderabad sooner than later.

In order to better understand what the semen analysis detects, you need to know how sperm is made and what it needs to be able to make it all the way to the egg.

It's very important to identify the cause of male infertility as soon as possible. This is because in many cases, there are underlying health conditions that can be treated, and if treatment begins soon enough in any IUI fertility hospital in Hyderabad, the man can be cured and sperm production revived. The problem is that often, men simply assume that everything is working fine. It is only when they have been trying a while that they realize the underlying issue. In some cases, this delay proves costly - it could mean missing out on treatment or deciding to conceive by donor insemination when a natural conception would have been possible."

An infertility checkup for men at MotherToBe fertility center in Hyderabad is a very important part of the testing and diagnosis process.  A male fertility check-up is as important as a female fertility checkup, especially if the couple has been trying to conceive unsuccessfully for more than a year. A male infertility check-up can reveal a hidden cause of infertility like low sperm count and other issues related to sperm production. However, some men may have no problem producing sperm but may end up with poor quality sperm which may affect their ability to conceive.


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