Why is your HP Printer showing offline, and how to fix the 123 Hp setup problem

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In a lot of scenarios when one is trying to conduct printing business, the printer might cause errors while printing. And the viewing docket in the printer might also show that the printer is offline. This is however now a rather regular occurrence, and can be prevented and remedied in the way that has been described in this article. It is necessary for the seamless functioning of your printer that the printer does not show offline, that this problem is remedied. And one of the major concerns which lead to this offline problem, the 123.hp.com  issue can also be addressed in the way. They are interconnected issues as a lot of times, printers have caused offline errors due to the 123 HP setup problem. Therefore this guide has been laid out with steps so that you can remedy the issue on your own without external intervention.

Note however that in the case that you cannot, there are always HP help centres, chat support and phone helpline numbers which will help you with the cause of the problem as well. Make sure you make use of these resources only after you have exhausted the ones which have been listed out below:

  1. When you are at the start unboxing the printer, connecting the wires and basically doing the setup process from the beginning, then when you switch on the printer, you will be able to see a box which says printer is offline. Now make sure that in the beginning itself, you disable the offline button manually when the printer is being used. This can be done right at the outset and prevent further errors from arising.
  2. Go to the settings of the printer, within devices and printers and here also you can check the printer status as to whether it is offline or online. This can be done manually even at later stages of the setup process.
  3. Now another important thing to do here is check all the cables and wires, because a large part of the reasons why your printer could be offline is because it is not able to connect to the receiving signals and any of the connector cables or wires could be contributing to this error as well.
  4. Make sure that you go to the printing jobs which have been lined up and cancel all of them. Once the queue has been emptied, then start rebooting the printer to use it again and see if it works now.
  5. The 123 setup problem can also be fixed in simple steps. This concern usually arises from the printer driver. It leads to the printer being offline as well which is why it needs to be addressed. Now start out by making sure your driver is working.
  6. If it is not, then you either need to update the driver regularly, or else remove it from your settings and download it all over again following the requisite steps. Start out by going to the official 123.hp website and filling in the model and type of printer which you have. The steps beyond this will be directed by the dialog boxes which show up in front of your screen. Follow this to fix  the 123.hp setup problem.
  7. In case of issues in the process, make sure you go over the details again and see if you have missed any steps here. Repeat the steps as well if required. The printer should be working fine and in an online mode once all this is followed.

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