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Why Learning About The Traffic Signs In India Is Very Important?

learn about traffic signs in India, and you will get easily passed in your learning license test conducted by the Regional transport Office (RTO).

Are you going to give your learning license or driving license test in India? the test that conducted by your regional transport office (RTO)? well if you are, then you must know about the rules and regulations about Indian roads and traffic.

If you want to get passed in your RTO exam, you also should gain knowledge about the Road signs in India.

Well here in this article, I will be sharing something very knowledgeable about the traffic signs. something that will really help you to get passed in the regional transport office exam.

Do you want to know how? stay tuned with us.

What are traffic signs?

Well, traffic signs are a kind of symbol that you can see on the side of roads and streets in India and all over the world. these signs exist only to inform you, warn you, or help you regarding the consequences that might occur on the road ahead.

For example, if your vehicle is running out of fuel, and you don't know where the FUEL PUMP is. in this situation, the traffic signs can help you. you may have seen traffic signs like these:

  • FOOD

These are called the road signs.

How Many Road Signs Are There?

Well, there are hardly countable road signs in India. because in every state, you will able to see at least one new road sign. for example, in Kashmir, you can see a road sign named SNOW AHEAD, but in other states like Rajasthan, you won't be able to see this kind of road sign.

So I would suggest, instead of learning a total count of the roads sign, you should be learning about their function.

The Job Of Traffic Signals

It is important for all drivers to know about traffic signs or road safety signs to ensure the safety of themselves as well as others. The basic work of traffic signals are like following-

  • Notify road users of the distance covered to reach the destination.
  • Notify users of alternate routes to the destination
  • Caution road users near hazards near areas such as schools and colleges
  • Notify road users of specific locations, such as public-facing outlets, restaurants, and hospitals

Why Is It Important To Have Knowledge About The Road Signs?

The answer is extremely simple. look, if you will not have the correct knowledge about all the road signs in India or the other countries, then how can you drive your vehicle safely on the very road and highways of that particular country?

If you want to drive any vehicle without any inconvenience, you should be following the road signs. Otherwise, you may befall into very, very big trouble.

Like, the traffic cops can bother you if you break any law by not following the traffic symbols. and apart from that, you may be met with a minor or very serious accident that can cause you a life-changing injury or even death.

So to avoid all these circumstances, and keeping your life as well as the other's life safe, you have to follow the traffic signs.

I really hope you understand all this.

Why All Traffic Signs In India Are Important To Us?

First of all, you need to understand that, what are the reasons behind reflecting the road signs in India. Why the Government does so?

Well, It is only and only due to our safety and convenience. here when I said “OUR”, I mean we are the people, the living things.

If there is no traffic signal and traffic signs on the roads, it will become almost impossible to drive any vehicle safely and securely.

The traffic signs are important to us, but at the same time, it is more important to others also, like the pedestrians, students, kids, and animals, etc.

Just Imagine you are driving a minibus on the road, and going a little bit further, a massive Loco Train is coming in full speed. But the alarming thing is that you are not conscious of the train at all.

Plus there is no road sign of Train, Tracks, or something there.

What would you do in a situation like this? if there is a cautionary sign you will be safe from being hit by a massive train.

What Types Of Road Signs Are There?

There are majorly three types of road signs exist in india.

  1. Informatory
  2. Regulatory
  3. Cautionary

Informatory Road Signs:

These are used for informing the road users about the things and places that can proven to be very helpful for them.

Such As:

  • FOOD
  • ETC

Regulatory Road Signs:

These signs are enfoced by the Law, and everybody are bound to follow these signs. These signs are cumpolsary in India.

If you found avoiding these regulatory signs in India, you are going to pay a huge fine for it.

So be careful whenever you see this type of signs on the roads.

Such As:

  • STOP
  • ETC

Cautionary Road Signs:

Well, the names says it all. these signs are just inform us about the possible danger on the road ahead. if we avoid these road signs, we might be met with an accident.

So, whenever you see this type of road sign, you better slow down your vehicle, and keep your eyes on the road closely.

The cautionary sign usually are in trianugualr shape.

Such As:

  • ETC

Why People Usually Do Not Follow The Road Signs?

Actually, this question has very long answers, but I would say a it has a one word answers is EGO. yes people's ego.

Now I am not saying that everyone is like this. The Majority of people follow the rules and regulations. But there are a few people whose EGO comes in between following the rules. they do not want anybody to rule them.

They do whatever they want and whenever they want. this ego causes them a huge problem.

So you should not be from one of those people. you should always follow the rules and regulations of any country that you belong to.

I hope you understand this topic wisely.

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