Why MultiCall is an Essential Tool for Managers

Acquiring and utilising the right tools play a critical role in effective management. While there are many such tools that can be listed, here is one for communication, perhaps the best one for one-to-many communication. MultiCall is the simplest tool to connect with many instantly. Explore more about it here as you discover why MultiCall is an essential tool for all managers.

For a manager, the ability to communicate within an organization depends heavily upon people's interpersonal skills. After all, it is a tool people use to interact and communicate with individuals in an organizational environment.

Communication in the work environment often demands the efficiency to speak to multiple individuals, along with the effectiveness of getting the same message across to everyone. This is where a tool like MultiCall comes in as useful, and as a must-have in the manager’s toolkit. Butof course, there are more reasons. 

Instant Connectivity and Communication

Instant Connectivity and Communication


One of the practices of being a better manager is the ability to maintain clear communication. This is essential in that it is involved for the performance of basic functions in their role such as Planning, Organizing, Leading and Controlling. With minimal facilities, clear conveyance to the team about information and thoughts is needed. 

With its ease of communication, MultiCall comes in handy here.  Not only does it let you call your entire team in one go, there is no hassle typical of conferencing either. Free of PINs and moderators, it is an instant solution for calling many. In addition, the participants of the call do not need to relate to data or even have the app installed. MultiCall requires data only to initiate the call.

Better Productivity for Teamwork


Better Productivity for Teamwork


The performance of a team is mainly as good as how well the team can be managed. MultiCall serves as a great tool for managers to communicate with their team for any needs. This is regardless of whether it is about efficiently allocating tasks for your team or instilling motivation and trust as the world struggles on in a time like this. In just one click, management communication becomes simpler and faster with the ability to connect to your team from anywhere, and anytime.

Besides this, the freedom from office distractions and provision of greater autonomy would mean that your team members are able to get more done! MultiCall helps here with its Call Monitoring system which provides an assortment of features to minimize distractions:

Adding/Removing Participants

When your MultiCall has begun, your screen would appear with the list of all your participants. You can also add participants while in call, by either selecting from the list of contacts on your phone, or by dialling in the number as and when you need the individual to join the call.

At the same time, you may also wish to remove a participant, perhaps due to disruption or background noise. You can disconnect them without having to disconnect the call entirely, and they can also rejoin when the problem is resolved. 


Keeping track of extensive calls are important, and MultiCall lets you do just that with its recording feature. You can record the entire duration of the call, and a reference ID will be provided to you by email after the call is done. Be sure to collect the recording via the ID within 7 days; after which it would be removed from our servers. 


You can choose to mute either individual participants, or all of them if required. For individual cases, you only need push the mute button on the tab with their name. The ‘Mute All’ button next to the Record button allows you to mute all participants if you need to. 

Reduced Expenses and Cost Effectiveness


Reduced Expenses and Cost Effectiveness


No one is a stranger at this point to COVID-19, or the WFH issues it has brought with it. But there is an unexpected advantage of working from home. You can utilize technology to interact with other people to carry out information exchange and decision-making without incurring the associated expenses of going to a physical workspace. Think about all those bills, the petrol for your vehicles, for instance! 

Here is the best part for MultiCall, though; it is free to experience! You can make 4 party calls using MultiCall free of charge. For people who want to try out the app, this is useful to help you consider before signing up for a business account where one can call up to 15 people in one go.  And yes, there is a business variant. 

From a managerial standpoint, MultiCall for Business offers a great solution for companies who want their employees to stay connected. The admin can create an account using domain email id, and an immediate credit of Rs.250 is added to the account.

This means that your company can experience MultiCall for Business. With competitive pricing, MultiCall for Business is highly cost-effective considering the impact it can have on productivity.

Feature Rich


Feature Rich


“Show me the money!”

Remember this quote from Tom Cruise as Jerry Maguire? In simple terms, any tool is only as useful and effective as the abilities it provides, and therein the value for money. An app is very much a tool, and its features are its abilities.

MultiCall provides you with quite the assortment of features to help you as a manager. Besides the one-click calling and call monitoring seen earlier, MultiCall’s minimum dependence on data also means the promise of superior voice clarity, on par if not better with that of a direct telephone call 

If you do not want to instantly call now, no problem, call later! Call scheduling in MultiCall is as easy for you as instantly dialing into one. Click on the Call Later button, and you will come to the Schedule Dial-Out menu, which gives you the ability to customize various details to help plan your calls. Remember, scheduling is an art 

Dropped out of your call? No problem either! MultiCall helps you with an Easy Dial Back feature that lets you redial and rejoin the call without disrupting.

International Roaming


International Roaming


Prior to the global lockdown, business required travelling abroad. The new normal is somewhat different though. At present, businesses situated in multiple locations require a clear and reliable means through which they can reach out to the employees. Even here MultiCall helps you!

The Call-Me-On feature is key here. Upon registering with MultiCall, your default Call-Me-On is your registered phone number. You can change this at any time in your MultiCall settings. Call-Me-On does not require any verification, so you can make any number your Call-Me-On based on your convenience, even your office desk phone number!

So, what are you waiting for? Download the app on Android or iOS, and reach more, now!

If you give people tools, and they use their natural abilities and their curiosity, they will develop things in ways that will surprise you very much beyond what you might have expected. - Bill Gates
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