Dream Home in Palakkad

Why Palakkad for buying your dream home in Kerala?

If you are exploring the market, to buy a residential property, then consider Palakkad as an option. Nestled in the hills of the Western Ghats, Palakkad exudes a unique charm—it is picturesque, with an old-world appeal. Yet, it is modern but unaffected by the crazy hustle-bustle of city life. It possesses an intoxicating mix of flavours that are hard to resist. And that is one reason why you should build your dream home here. 

But that is not all; other aspects tilt the scale in Palakkad’s favour. Let’s run you through some of them. 


Location recommended by real estate developers 

Palakkad has captured the attention of real estate developers and investors. It is well-connected and an ideal location for building homes. And, builders see potential in developing properties in Palakkad. There is also a steady, growing demand for exquisite sites, which Palakkad seems to meet. Builders and real estate developers are providing various options to home buyers, including budget-friendly villas in Palakkad. Some of the most prominent builders are promoting properties in Palakkad. 


Why customers choose Palakkad?

There is a growing demand for houses in Palakkad, and several positive factors influence this demand.

  • Good value for money

You can buy a home in Palakkad, for a fraction of the cost that you would pay for a similar property, say in Kochi or Thiruvananthapuram. Real estate developers have only just homed in on Palakkad; it has only just started to develop. The cost of land is cheaper here than in other big cities, and the associated costs of construction are inexpensive as well. The demand is not that high yet, to push the prices upwards. The combination of these factors decides the price of a new home. 

The encouraging news is that home buyers stand to benefit from these factors. They can buy a new home for a reasonably low rate, without compromising on quality. 

  • Employment opportunities and quality education

Job opportunities and good educational institutions are primary concerns of individuals considering buying a home. Palakkad fits the bill. Palakkad has been home to some of the best educational institutions in Kerala, both at school and university level. It is fast developing into a major business centre, and that will bring along new job opportunities. Companies expanding their businesses are opening offices in Palakkad, giving a boost to the economy and providing employment to locals.

  • A blend of customs and modernity

Though Palakkad is developing at a fast pace, it remains tied to its rich past and cultural heritage. It is seen as a beautiful amalgamation of the old and the new. Palakkad has an ancient and varied history and is home to many places of historical importance. Among them is the Palakkad Fort that dates back to the 18th century, said to be reconstructed by Sultan Hyder Ali. It is one of the oldest forts in Kerala. Killikkurissimangalamalakkad, the birthplace of Kunchan Nambiar is also in Palakkad, as is the 15th century Sri Visalakshi Sametha Sri Viswanathaswamy temple.

Palakkad is a popular tourist destination, with reserve forests, waterfalls, theme parks and ancient temples etc. It has the scope to grow into a well-developed place that connects ancient India to its modern version. 

  • Return on investment

Palakkad is a virtual goldmine of sorts. It is undergoing a massive transformation, from being quaint and laidback to a modern and developed place. Real estate developers are showing a keen interest in developing properties here. Even though properties at prime locations are up for grabs, the prices are still competitive. However, the low prices are not going to hold for long; an increase in demand will automatically increase the cost of homes. 


So, it would be a wise decision to buy a villa in Palakkad, now, when the price is affordable. You can choose to buy one and make it a home or buy one as an investment. The cost of the property will go up, a few years from now, as it always happens. And when that happens, you will make a neat profit when you choose to sell your property.


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