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Tips to make your home greener

Tips to make your homes eco friendly.

Over the years, green homes have become the new trend in the construction industry all over the world. This is mainly because people have become more environmentally-conscious. An eco-friendly home does not only contribute to a sustainable environment but also helps you save a lot of money in the long run! Even though the scope and level of green elements incorporated into homes can vary by builder and region, homes are now only growing greener as the days pass by.
More builders in Kochi are now using energy-efficient practices in their villas in Kerala and try to incorporate green building characteristics to the delight of many homeowners. The homeowners find that green homes make a definite difference to their budget!
It is good news that the costs of building new green villa projects in Kochi have gone down nowadays. The rising competition in the eco-friendly green building elements market has driven down prices and increased the supply being the top reasons. 
So here are some tips to make your home greener and eco friendly from Asset Homes, the very first builder in India to receive the CRISIL DA2+ rating in 12 years since inception.

Go Solar
Solar energy is clean and low-cost energy! Make solar power native technology in your new home. With this you can take maximum benefit of light, positioning and geography to get the most efficiency and energy for your home. 

Roof Cooling
The roof material can make a huge difference in your home’s energy efficiency.  If you have a roofing material that reflects the sun’s heat away from the roof, cools faster at night and retains less heat then it can help reduce energy costs. Slate, white tiles, special nanomembranes, terra cotta, and metal roofing can be used as roofing products for green homes. 

Manage Kitchen Waste
Composting kitchen waste at home will give you manure that you can use in gardening. Buy a cost-effective and hassle-free composter that occupies less space of your home.  

Use eco-friendly house cleaners
When we use chemical-laced cleaning agents, we are inhaling chemicals as well. It can damage the airways and speed up the decline of our lungs. Use natural cleaning agents which are safe, non-toxic and biodegradable.

Energy Efficient Light Bulb
Investing in energy-efficient CFL light bulbs is another way to make your home greener. Unlike the incandescent bulbs, CFLs use less electricity and last longer. Hence, helping you save money too!

Conserve Water 
In many homes, water is used unnecessarily and water is getting wasted on a regular basis! But, with simple steps, this wastage can be eliminated easily. Use water aerators and install water-saving showerheads to cut down 80% of your water usage and reduce energy consumption.

Benefits of going green for your villa projects in Kochi
Greater Energy Efficiency

One of the main benefits of eco-friendly homes is energy efficiency!  By shifting from non-renewable energy sources to natural and renewable resources like solar power homeowners can save energy. Many eco-friendly villa projects in Kochi by reputed builders in Kochi install solar panels to make use of the solar energy. 

Reduced Electricity Bills
Even though the initial cost of solar panels might be heavy, in the long run, it will save the homeowners significant money on their monthly electricity bills.

Durable Design
Eco-friendly villa projects in Kochi by Asset Homes are built with durable materials and need less maintenance over time. 
With all these tips to make your home greener, ready to get started? It’s time to start making changes to have a positive impact on our mother Earth! Contact us at Asset Homes, prime Builders in Kochi for eco-friendly villa projects in Kochi. 

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