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Useful Tips to Design a Luxurious Bathroom

For the ones looking for ideas to remodel their bathroom, you need to be conscious of your needs and requirements too.

For the ones looking for ideas to remodel their bathroom, you need to be conscious of your needs and requirements too. Bathroom remodeling is no less than a home renovation project. Therefore, you will need the Interior design Dubai Companies to help you with the remodeling of it. Now, finding a reputable company is another job, but if you lack the ideas of a luxurious bathroom, they might not be much of a help as per your needs. 

So, get it straight that you pour out your ideas to the team of interior designers of your home and then expect them to give you the best possible results of it.

Now, do you know that even if your bathroom is small, you can still have a spa-like feel with it? Yes, it is possible only if you design it in a certain way. 

Let’s begin with the ideas and ways you can make your bathroom look more luxurious. 

Custom Cabinet Designs

Custom cabinetry is intended to maximize storage, aesthetic appeal, and comfort. Tall cabinets on either side of the sink provide eye-level storage for bathroom essentials. Electric outlets mounted inside the cabinets help to conceal unsightly appliance cords. Tall bottles can be stored out of sight in extra-deep drawers.

Mirrored walls or cabinet doors may make even a small bathroom appear larger. Have the mirrors set in gold or silver leaf for a truly elegant look. Both artificial and natural light would be mirrored, making the room brighter. Consider making cabinets cut shallower than normal and bumping out the counter area around the sinks to add floor space to a narrow room.

Choice of the Tiles

Though laminate or solid surface countertops are common in bathrooms, ceramic tiles in a variety of shapes and styles are the trend of the day. Choose glass, ceramic, stone, or metal tiles for a range of looks and durability.

There are several painted or embossed designs to choose from in ceramic tiles as well. These are particularly useful for creating a border around an area, designing a chair rail, or framing a mirror or cabinet. To add texture and color to a wall, scatter hand-painted or embossed tiles at regular intervals.

Bold Prints

Keeping the color scheme fairly monotone and neutral is often a good idea for a smaller space; however, using bold prints as accents gives the bathroom some interesting depth and dimension. Consider using bolder, more vibrant tile accents, such as a backsplash.

Upgrade Your Tub

Bathtubs also scream luxury in terms of bathroom construction. Even in a tiny room, if possible, an incredible tub can be installed. There are several innovative options for bringing the tub experience to the next level, ranging from clawfoot tubs to all copper tubs.

Perfect lighting 

The bubble chandelier is a fun alternative to a crystal chandelier and has more personality than most modern chandeliers. Each globe is handcrafted and artistically arranged to form a beautiful cluster. Bubbles of varying sizes are symmetrically aligned to imitate the organic beauty of nature. The ideal complement to a high-ceilinged bathroom. Relax in a rose petal bath as ethereal bubbles float high above.

Add Walk-in Shower

Thinking of a spa experience at home? A completely tiled walk-in shower can be a viable choice for you. And in the case of a small bathroom, a walk-in shower is a viable option. Say goodbye to the old and traditional tub as it will be the focal point of your bathroom after renovation.

Bottom Line 

So, with all the ideas above and the expertise of Interior Fit Out companies in Dubai, you can make a wondrous place out of your bathroom. If your next project is home renovation, do not forget to consider all the above ideas and tips for designing your luxurious bathroom. 


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