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Why Range Rover is the Perfect Companion on a Family Vacation

When it comes to luxury cars, there is simply no other SUV that is better than the Range Rover, especially on a family vacation.

If you are an automobile enthusiast, you must be well versed with the features of the many luxury cars in the market today. However, a layman may not know about the latest cars or which car is the best to rent. Many people choose to rent cars instead of buying them as you don’t have to pay insurance or upkeep costs when you’re renting a car. This is especially true in the case of luxury cars.

If you’re taking a long trip with your family or heading down to an outdoor college reunion, why not rent a Range Rover? Range Rovers are often considered underdogs when they’re compared to other luxury cars, but this is not the case. No other SUV can beat the performance, comfort and luxury offered by a Range Rover.

Here is why a Range Rover is the perfect companion on a family vacation.

Made to Perfection
The Range Rover had been in production for two decades before it was released in 1970. The much-awaited SUV was received with immense love as car lovers had been anticipating its arrival for years. One of the most interesting facts about the Range Rover is that it is one of the only cars to have been displayed in the Louvre in France!

Cabin Space
The reason why the Range Rover is the perfect family car is because of its mighty legroom and cabin space. The primary motivation behind crafting the Range Rover was the need for ultimate comfort. The car delivers on that promise. The seats are more comfortable than you could possibly imagine and are perfect for a packed family of five.

Luggage Space
The Range Rover has a luggage space of around 28 cubic feet. Range Rover rental is the ideal companion on long vacations as you can pack hiking and skiing gear and all that you could ever need for outdoor adventures.

Entertainment Systems
When you’re travelling long distances, you may worry about your children getting bored, regardless of what age they are. No amount of travelling games, like counting the number of cars passing by, can keep kids entertained for long. To tackle this problem, the Range Rover comes equipped with entertainment systems in the rear and the front. Rear seat passengers can enjoy movies, television shows, music and games, all at their disposal through the magic of technology.

Safety and Precautions
The Range Rover was built as a family car, so it’s no surprise that the car has powerful safety mechanisms installed. Models built in 2016 and later are equipped with front and rear parking sensors to ensure you can fit the car in tight spaces. The cars also have a high-definition rear-view camera and an additional 360-degree camera to help you navigate better. Adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alerts are standard features installed in every Range Rover model. The cars also have safety bags to protect all occupants in case of an accident. You can hire Range Rover without doubting its safety capabilities.

The touchscreen installed in the front updates its software on its own and has a world-class GPS system to guide you to your destination. Even if you are unsure of the road you are taking, rest assured that your car won’t let you down. The GPS system works in the remotest of locations and can be tailored to suit your needs.

The Range Rover is suitable for all terrains. It drives superbly on highways and cemented roads and can handle itself well on mountainous and coarse terrain. When it comes to off-roading, there is simply no other car that can match the Range Rover’s power and acceleration.

Still not convinced? Test drive a Range Rover to bask in its luxury, glory and sheer strength. There is no other SUV better than Range Rover, especially if you’re travelling long distances. Land Rover has been producing Range Rovers for a few decades now and has mastered the art of doing so.

Range Rover car hire services have increased in demand off-late. Every online review for the Range Rover will tell you the same thing – that is the perfect companion on family vacations.

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