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Best Jewelry Inspiration from Family Heirloom Jewelry

As echoes of the past begin to be trendy such as amber leaves and stones, many fascinating jewelry collections are emerging from these inspirations.

As echoes of the past begin to be trendy such as amber leaves and stones, many fascinating jewelry collections are emerging from these inspirations. You will also find colored gemstones believed to bring luck to the wearer, used more in jewelry designs. That favorite antique piece of jewelry with ethnic features that you inherited from your family should not surprise you to find some modern parts drawn from it. And that's because the designers are using such themes in their design collections, which the contemporary world seems to appreciate more and more.

What is family heirloom jewelry?

These are types of precious jewelry passed from generation to generation. They usually carry a sentimental value as they have a family's unique history. Before, people used to shove this inheritance at the back of their jewelry collection, but now they are chucking them out with many redesigning options.

Types of vintage inspiration include:

Georgian: These came as short and light, and short necklaces beautifully flattered the low neckline in the days. 

 Victorian: They included several stages as follows;

Early Victorian (c.1837-1850)- it is an era that featured flora and fauna design-inspiration, colored-gems, and sentimental pieces like lockets. It was also known as the romantic period.

Mid-Victorian (c. 1837-1880)- This era featured heavy and dark gemstones such as amethyst, garnets, and onyx, making a fashion statement. This time was also referred to as the Grand period, as it followed the somber mood of moaning Queen Victoria's husband, King Albert.

The late Victorian (c. 1885-1900)-colored gemstones were quite fashionable at this Aesthetic period. And other accessories like brooches and pins.


Edwardian (c. 1901-1915) featured elaborate designs that incorporated precious stones such as rubies, pearls, diamonds, and emeralds. You will find some of these inspirations around the world, and Sorrelli's have handcrafted jewelry collections like shown below:

Art deco jewelry (c.1920-1935): They featured geometric shapes and contrasting bold colors influenced by global ethnicities such as Africans, Japanese, and Egyptian themes. These inspirations came from bracelets, earrings, chokers, and super-long strands.


Ebony cuff bracelet

Antique jewelry motifs

These came from nature inspiration such as birds, leaves, and flowers. Other popular natural stones included topaz, garner, and corals.

Eye rings


Now, you will find these in chunkier gold, which finishes with an ultra-hip-hand. It is for those who want to make a bold statement without shying off.

Padlocks and locket

You will find Arman Sarkisyan lockets emerging in high carat gold. These mostly give the nod to the Europeans.

Amber jewelry

Back in the days, people would use a simple wire wrap or get an artisan who did some settings in this timeless jewelry that shows a counterculture appearance. It reflects light, giving an extra sparkle that is delightful. Most of these stones feature sun spangles, which are disc-like inclusions adding an extra twinkle.

Pearls and gemstone choker


Most people are likely to have some pearls in their jewelry collection inherited from their mom, aunty, or grandma. Unfortunately, they accumulate dust, as you probably think they are a bit cliché and don't suit the modern trend. One may be forgiven to think like that because they have not seen the new trends derived from these old and timeless pieces.


Did you ever imagine your pearl necklace would turn into such a sophisticated choker? In- cooperating with the colored diamonds makes an exceptional piece of jewelry.

Gold leaf necklace


A gold necklace is a classic and timeless piece that every woman dreams of adding to their jewelry collection. Gold never goes out of style, and its value keeps escalating. What makes it unique and appealing is the leaf motif that is giving it a modern look. It's for those looking for an out of bound personality, elegance, and charming.

Pearl wedding ring


What would you pick if you were told to choose between a pearl or diamond? Better still, would you go for diamond while you have pearl heirlooms that you have tossed somewhere at the back of your jewelry collection? Most people are choosing pearl wedding rings because they are trendy. And you can repurpose your piece of inheritance to create the same. It will cost you less and make your family happy with a new redesign to pass to another generation.

Redesigning your heirloom

Even as more designers continue to draw inspiration from the antiques to create a modern look on a jewelry design, heirloom owners are also redesigning their timeless. Either way, they will result in a beautiful contemporary and classic appearance. While others may feel like they are ruining their original look, it doesn't remove their sentimental value. It is designed to suit your taste. Doing this is better than shoving it away for years where it will only gather dust.

Ideas you can use while redesigning your heirloom.

Jewelry repurposing is not something new, but a popular trend that most people are doing to make their vintage piece trendier and more useful.

  • Keep the settings while you change the stone to something valuable or different shape.
  • If you have a valuable stone, use a different stone-setting without removing your gem.
  • Create something different using the materials in your heirloom.
  • Repurposing a ring into a necklace where you can use it as a pendant and add your preferred chain.
  • Using a necklace as a bracelet, after shortening it a bit to fit the hand.
  • Changing the current metal to something more substantial is also common.


Tip: Before you repurpose your heirloom, it's prudent to get a jewelry appraisal to determine the valuable pieces.

Resetting an heirloom diamond

If you think of an engagement ring after finding your significant other, you can consider repurposing some gemstones or diamonds in your family heirloom. It is a sustainable and affordable option that can result in a beautiful, sophisticated ring without losing sentimental value.

Make one piece of unique jewelry.

If you have several jewelry pieces that nobody wears, you can turn them into single jewelry using the materials used in them. However, take them to an experienced jeweler who knows what he's doing. You don't want to lose some valuable gems or scratch them. A jeweler can first clean them to ensure they are in good condition. 

In conclusion, elevate your look with these modern heirloom jewelry collections that capture the best of classic and contemporary design. Rather than relegating your antique pieces of jewelry at the back to accumulate dust, now you know what you can do with them. Old is the new trend.

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