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Why Second hand laptops are in great demand?

Second hand laptops are in great demand due to the quality of the product and due to the strong trust between seller and buyer.

Used laptops for sale are in great demand due to the good quality of products available for sale at low cost. Not only good quality products also a huge range of products available in huge stocks on classified sites. People are getting benefits from buying used laptops and don’t waste more money on buying a new laptop.

Most of the used laptops are now available for sale under certified sellers. Certified sellers provide genuine products and if any problem occurs they repair the product for free of cost as it a warranty and if the problem is serious and can’t be repaired then they will replace your product for free of cost. No need to worry if you are buying a used laptop. But you won’t find some facilities if you are buying it from a third-party seller. Some of the third-party sellers even sell faulty products be very careful before buying it from a third-party seller.

Benefits of buying used laptops

Despite being a used laptop there are many benefits of buying them buying and if you are buying a new laptop you are wasting money by spending a lot of extra money on unnecessary add-ons. But one thing you must keep in mind is you need to buy second hand laptops online smartly i.e., checking them thoroughly. The benefits of buying a used laptop are: -

  • Get the same specification laptop at a very low price compared to the market rate.
  • It saves a lot of money for you which you can save.
  • Can get you a good laptop even if your budget is low.
  • Some deals are too good to be true but are genuine deals as the seller has no idea how much the laptop is worth it.
  • In some deals, you will also have a warranty period for some months as they are almost new.

How to buy used laptops online?

Buy used laptops online from classified sites as they are very secure nowadays and are the best way to buy used laptops. Buying from a classified site is not that ordered a laptop at it reached your place it a little different let us see how to buy from classified sites.


  • First thing sign-up on a classified site, the best one.
  • Select the category gadgets and then select the sub-category laptops.
  • Then a lot of ads from different sellers will be shown to you.
  • Then choose the ad which looks best to you and is all that you need.
  • Read the description of the ad check for the specification and contact the seller with the details given.
  • Meet with the seller check the laptop carefully and then finalize the deal.

How to buy a good used laptop online?

To buy used laptop first thing is to have some basic knowledge of the laptop's external and internal hardware.

Check the specification of the laptop and always look for laptops that have run for least period because these laptops have a high chance of warranty and also less risky of getting damaged.

Judging a good laptop by outside look is a bad decision. It might look beautiful from the outside but what is inside the laptop matters the most that have to be checked thoroughly before buying a second hand laptop.

Avoid buying a stolen laptop

  • Documents: Check all the original documents of the used laptops. The documents might be a fake one or clone version of the original receipt/documents and If the seller doesn’t have a receipt then don’t but the used laptop might be a stolen one. Be careful.
  • Password: Ask the seller to open the used laptops if the laptop had some login password and he is unable to open the password then it might not be his laptop. It might be a stolen one that’s the reason he cannot open the password.
  • Damage: Look for any sign of damage because some laptops have anti-theft devices that have been forcibly removed.
  • Serial Number: Look for the serial number of the laptop and check proper branding and details of the product if the details of the serial number and branding don’t match the seller details then it might be a stolen or clone one.

Sell & buy used laptops for a good price

You can sell & buy used laptops on classified sites like Cifiyah. It is one of the most trusted sites to buy and sell your products easily and securely. You can get huge varieties and options to buy cheap laptops and you can also get good and better laptop deals & latest gadgets deals than any other classified site.

You can post free ads on classified sites to sell or buy used laptops easily. If you are new to the site then, register and post an advertisement on the product that you want to want to sell and mention all the details of the product including a good photo of the product to be sold and fix the desired price at which rate you want to sell used laptops and wait for interested customers to contact you through mail or phone number that you have mentioned it during the time of advertisement.








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