High heel Bridal Shoes

Why the New-Age Brides Prefer Flat Bridal Shoes Over High Heels

Wondering how you can last in those high heel bridal shoes through the long hours of the big day? Here are some simple yet smart tips. Take a quick look.

So, you are all set to start with your wedding shopping? Exciting prospect it is, right? You have got a fair idea about the type of dress you want to wear on the big day; now is the time to find the right shoes to go with it. Come on, it is a known fact that a considerable amount of how good the dress looks, depends on what shoes you are wearing with it. You have got to find the perfect high heel bridal shoes for that.

Now, wearing a gorgeous pair of high heel bridal shoes is a dream of not just the bride but a large number of girls everywhere. What's not to like about high heels? They add the right bit of height to the silhouette and make you appear slimmer. However, you have to admit - wearing high heels takes a bit of effort. You need good balancing skills, good walking posture, a fair bit of practice and confidence. And it wouldn't be bad if the experience of wearing high heels could be pain-free, especially for brides. Wedding days can stretch on for more than fifteen hours. Being in high heels for that long can leave you with sore feet the next day.

But what if, you could wear high heel bridal shoes more comfortably, without having to endure too much pain? Yes, that's possible with a few simple yet smart tips. So, gather close, ladies:

  • Don't wear the heel for the very first time on your big day. Based on how well you carry yourself in those heels, the big day can end up being a success or the total opposite. Don't take that risk. Test the fit and comfort of the heels by walking in them, preferably on a clean carpet, before your wedding day.
  • Break the shoes in by practicing in them regularly before the wedding date rolls closer. The more you practice, the more you will know how the pair supports your weight and how poised you are in them.
  • Buy early. This way when you are practicing, if the shoes don't feel right, you will have the time to return them and go for another pair. When you are purchasing, make sure to ask the seller if the shoes are returnable.
  • Use shoe inserts. They, especially gel insoles, can help to reduce rubbing and provide crucial arch support, taking off much of the strain from your feet. You will feel much less pain, if any, in your feet at the end of a long day of wearing high heel bridal shoes.
  • Roll a tennis ball under the arch of your foot for a few minutes before putting on and after taking off the high heels. This helps to massage the muscles in your feet and reduces pain resulting from wearing high heels for hours at a stretch.
  • It is a good idea to tape the third and fourth toes, thereby reducing/closing the gap between them, before slipping into the heels. This puts less pressure on the nerves of the feet, which, in turn, results in less pain in the balls of the feet.

Now that you know about the tips to ease some of the discomfort of wearing high heel bridal shoes for hours at a stretch, you are all sorted to rock that stunning look on your wedding day. But just in case you want to make the day even more comfortable and the events even more enjoyable, consider switching the sky-high numbers for platform heels, kitten heels or flats anytime you feel like during the day. These shoes will provide some much-needed comfort to your tired feet and you will be able to go dancing or socializing without cringing in pain every now and then.

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