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Why Video Advertising is so popular and How you can use it

know about that how video Advertising is so popular and how to use it

When the comparison is made between product images to product videos, many e-commerce businesses select to use exclusively the product images. Product videos are considered an expensive and time-consuming one to form and the images require more specialized equipment and in-depth high-end editing. Video advertising is not a new technique, but the way it works and how it is being used is certainly a new one. It is considered an effective technique to give a boost to your revenue. 

Video marketing can do the following things for you:

  • It can attract potential customers 
  • Video marketing can enhance your brand image with the introduction of customers to your e-commerce brand 
  • It can convert potential customers to actual ones. 
  • Explains the usage of the product in a virtual way. 
  • It generates a story around your product. 
  • Majorly conveys the value and mission of your business to the customers. 
  • Inculcate more confidence in the interested buyers. 
  • Shares the satisfaction received by customers in the form of reviews. 
  • Explains all the features and functions of the product very clearly. 

In spite of challenges, video advertising is still worth every time. Today customers are more aware than ever. With access to information and fewer attention spans, it's not an easy task to compete for attention. 

It's a pretty big statement to make, but today each and every business in almost every industry can benefit from video ad campaigns to do everything starting from telling the brand’s story to make the sale of the latest model of the new product. With more brands making an investment in the channels of paid advertising across the globe, there are various small and medium businesses that have applied video advertising and everything that comes with it. Video campaigns become more of financial investment, but as we all know, good investments can cultivate more growth. 

This form of advertising is more underutilized but it is a fact that it is one of the growing forms which connects your audience to you and additionally it provides value that other methods can’t do. 

At the stage of compensating the creative gap and bringing the ad buy for the audience, we have come across a lot of optimization of video and ad campaigns. 

What is meant by video advertising?

Video advertising means the advertisement for a product or a specific service in the form of a video format. The advertising units used are of a type of pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll. All of the ad units are the same as the traditional spot advertising you watched on television, nevertheless often they are "cut-down" to be a shorter version than their TV counterparts if they are run online. 

Why should you choose video advertising? 

There are plenty of reasons why should you go for the video format in spite of still images and text form. Videos offer the benefits that still images and text can’t offer in a more specific way. Video advertising is a kind of engaging form which provides the users a better understanding and it explains things such as how the product can work for you and looks in real life. 

For example, a still image of the purse can show the explained features on it but watching it on video can show you how much a bag can hold for you, various pockets in it, and how it will look on the person. It will virtually depict each and everything very clearly. This will encourage customers to buy the product. 

Videos help you to say much more with less. With this, there are plenty of reasons why you should use video advertising!

Videos attract short spans of attention 

The platform of digital media is totally crowded. Today customers do not watch anything more than just 15 seconds. Video advertising consistently engages the customer at high rates and there is very little wastage of time than other types of ads. According to the statistics, 80% of the consumers can rewatch the video which they have seen earlier. Thus video advertising works better than any other form of advertising. 

Can control the narrative 

Instead of waiting for the customers to read what you want to convey to them, you can just present a video of the same showing the more explained features and functions of the same. Depending on the length of the video, it explains the essential parts of the product in detail, which works best for the customers as well as for the funnel who are in a mindset to learn more. 

Better buying experience 

As compared to the brick and mortar shops, your e-commerce website has a major drawback. They cannot feel or touch the products, thus videos of the product can help you to narrow down this gap. A video can analyze the product and test it in real life. In this form, the customer's doubts get and they get a good buying experience. 


Types of video advertising 

Generally, your video ad campaign consists of a number of these formats built to support one and the other at various touchpoints on the customer’s buying journey.

Native video advertising 

It comes under the paid-up media, that are formed particularly for the hosted platforms. Native videos form is one of the fastest-growing types of advertising. Every day, on average around 8 billion native videos are being watched by Facebook users and the other social media sites have re-optimized their platforms to create native ads on a bigger focus. The videos are normally more than 30 seconds and feel more like organic content than ads.

YouTube video ads 

There are some types of YouTube ads that need focus — primarily, TrueView and Pre-roll. One can think of them as skippable and non-skippable types.

TrueView ads are opt-in, which means you only pay when someone selects to watch more than 30 seconds of your video ad.

User-generated content 

It is also known as UGC, which is more effective for brands that carry a specific high following rate. The rates alone show that 2019 will continue to see a drift in video advertising trends in the direction of UGC.


Platforms to online advertise the videos 

Before starting to create the campaigns, you should know which platforms you would like to do the optimization for. There are different platforms that have different technical requirements, best practices, and targeting requirements. 


Google ads 

Google ads consist of two different types of campaigns such as search ads and displayed ads. The display ads system is the one you can use for video advertising. These types of ads permit you to display your video ads on various participating sites. You can “target” certain individuals and choose what type of sites you want your content to display on.


Facebook and Instagram ads 

Both the social networking sites have varied video ad placement, and therefore they are working under one type of system, thus they are placed together. The major typical ad is the feed ad. It allows your video to get displayed in the user’s feed. This social networking now provides story ads also which has to be 15 seconds or less than that. Also Read How to Generate leads using Instagram for eCommerce.


Youtube ads 

It is technically a part of google ads only, but it has its significant importance in online video advertising. True video type of advertising on YouTube Ads, serves two placements that automatically displays your ad to interested consumers. TrueView ads are being played before a video. Bumper Ads are also there, but they are only for 6 seconds, thus they cannot get skipped. You can also use Discovery ads to enhance the reach of your video, and this helps you show up in the search results.


Twitter video ads 

Twitter video lets your message be a memorable one, shareable, and worth replaying. It drives the highest rate of recalling the video with the emotional connection on any of the digital platforms. 

The objective of promoted video campaigns is one good way to increase the views of the videos, as there is an option of auto-playing the video in the user’s timeline thereby motivating the interaction by tap or click. Also Read How to Promote your Fashion Brand on Twitter.



Video advertising is better now and it is going to be a boom in the coming years. If you are not caught up now then you have to surely get attached to this practice thus you can easily use this guide to curve up and start planning right now. Videos are a kind of dynamic presentation and you can easily watch the products in real life with them. By carefully posting the videos on social media, you can attract more and more customers towards your product easily and thereby can increase the revenue of your e-commerce website.








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