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Why You Need Stylish Packaging For Your Pre Rolls?

We have professionals who design your boxes in really eye-catching way. Moreover, We use latest techniques in the manufacture of your pre roll packaging.

Get Your Own Unique Custom Pre Roll Packaging

Pre rolls are the part of every friends gathering now days for the sake of enjoyment and fun. These pre rolls were invented in 1924 by an American inventor. It is a misconception or you can say a myth that these pre rolls are made up of low-grade cannabis but it`s not true it is the luxurious form of cigarette and is much better and more enjoyable material than other cannabis product. So, to keep this luxurious product more luxurious let’s add a good unique packaging so that it can be striking for your customer. For this iCustomBoxes a number of designs, colors as well styles are available for your packaging. These boxes can be in number of colors for this we have color pattern such as CMYK and PMS. Now let`s give it a display box look for this we have window die cut boxes. These window die cut pre roll boxes increase your marketing because these are really attractive. For more different box styles we can add such as sleeve packaging etc. The shapes of the box give it a totally different image of the product. So let`s get this unique custom pre roll packaging from iCustomBoxes.

Pre Roll Packaging

Durable and Eco-friendly packaging material

Everyone wants that his product remains safe and protected. So that it can easily reach to the customers. And can also stay on the shelf of the supermarket for long time period. And also increase the life of the product. For this we have cardboard, kraft and corrugated material. You can choose material according to your choice. So, for this let’s give you a totally durable material for your pre roll packaging. You can give it a totally change formation so that it can be easy to carry and it`s shape can be so innovative that it can be both attractive as well as helpful to prevent moisture. These will be a contribution from your side for the environment because it will be totally an ecofriendly material. Moreover, it will be very helpful to discard it easily after use. The waste of the boxes will also be very ecofriendly because it will be reused or can be disposed easily. We are very much concerned about our environment.

Pre Roll Packaging

Promote Your Brand Through Modish Trends

Promoting your business is a big task for this purpose we have the best opinion to print your boxes. These printed boxes can increase the trust level of your product towards the customer and will create a unique bound with communication. Because it is a source of pleasure so to keep it healthy and memorable if you are enjoying these pre rolls in a gathering then you can add some features in it with help of the printing techniques. For example, you can add different graphics and these graphics can be according to your taste. It can be harsh, loud or smooth. To make it well knowing in the market you can add company logo on the pre roll box. This will let your customer know that who is behind this amazing product. Moreover, to prove all the myths false you can add description as well as ingredients on the boxes. You can also add your tag lines, promotion as well as price tags for your customers. And if you are using it for gift on any occasion you can add wishes on the boxes along with different props. To make it special for the next person isn’t it amazing. If you want add all these things on your boxes you have to provide as all the descriptions, ingredients of your product boxes. This is really amazing.

Pre Roll Packaging

Wholesale Rate

Today almost everything has reached to its highest price and is out of range for everyone. If a person wants to start a new business, he will feel difficult to overcome this inflation. So, if you are new in this pre roll manufacture and you need packaging and is worried about rates. Then you should try our packaging we provide you a very affordable price with all the features of packaging included in it. Further if you want to retail it at large scale and want large amount of the packaging then we offer you the amazing discount offer on the bulk. This will help you to sale more and more. The quality is never compromised it will remain same as you required. We provide offers better than our competitors. Moreover, we also provide you blunt boxes flat off on different occasions so that it can build up a long-lasting relation with you. And it can make your occasion memorable and special at a very affordable price. You will get maximum affordable prices. So, get advantage of our discount offers and order us hurry up! Let`s do it.

Pre Roll Packaging

Why Us?

iCustomBoxes is an experienced packaging provider which is working in US. Although we are working in US but we provide our services all over the world. The quality of the boxes will never be disappointing. We have professionals who design your boxes in really eye-catching way. Moreover, we use latest techniques in the manufacture of your pre roll packaging. Our printing and coating techniques are matchless and is better than our competitors. We also offer customer service for your help who is available 24 hours you can contact us any time. Our team is kind and very professional. We will help you as much we can. In case of any complain or suggestions you can inform us we will surely work on it. Our prices are really affordable than our competitors. We offer different packages according to your range and will provide you customization according to your budget. Our website is user friendly so that you easily get your packaging according to your requirement. Other than this we are very punctual and hardworking you will get your order on time. You will have wonderful experience with us. Our contact number is mentioned below so that you can contact us.


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