WordPress vs Static HTML

WordPress vs Static HTML – Which one is better for your website?

WordPress and HTML are the leading platforms and are highly appreciated by business owners. Let’s discuss both of them to figure out which would be the best for your business?

What is WordPress?

As a popular Content Management System (CMS) WordPress allows a user many functions that include creating, organizing, editing, and publishing their content. With WordPress, users can create, edit, organize and publish content. It enables its users to create content as per their preference and allow them to publish it on their website. The admin area is where the users can work which is user friendly and anyone with basic technical knowledge can understand it, even absolute beginner. Although there is a massive collection of CMS to choose from, about 26% of websites on the internet are made for WordPress web development services.

We have listed out some of the key features of WordPress below:

Ease Update Process

The process of WordPress update is easy as users can simply log in to their WordPress site and add a new page through the admin panel. WordPress comes with an intuitive user interface, which makes it easy for the consumer to create or update pages on your side.

Highly Customizable

WordPress is extremely customizable where users can easily avail of the features of plugins and use pre-made themes. There is a massive collection of plugins and themes that are available on WordPress. These are included in the official plugin directory and thousands of theme options to choose from. The plugins for WordPress also act as code extensions that will benefit you with better functionality and power to your website. Themes, on the other hand, are there to enhance the appearance of your website. Hiring a WordPress developer will help you identify the most suitable plugin and themes for your website.

Rapid Development

Since WordPress is an open-source platform, it is always developing since anyone can contribute to the platform. Developers can help with fixing issues, bugs, and other problems that might trouble their users. Anyone can develop and create their own themes and plugins for WordPress. This allows the rapid development that is always getting better whenever there is a new release or update.

Static HTML

HTML is a markup language that can be used for web page development. There are many websites that are made using HTML and CSS. The Static HTML websites are easy to create while using multiple markups and scripting languages. It would be essential to hire an HTML developer to update or make changes to your website. They can write clean static HTML code for your website without error. It can be a bit difficult to maintain and write Static coding if you are not a professional developer.

Here are some advantages of Static HTML

Use fewer resources

HTML websites can run on a server with fewer resources only, whereas WordPress requires PHP or MySQL servers.

Low maintenance

There is almost no or less maintenance, website developed with Static HTML. There is no necessity to install any update or regularly backup them.


Now you know the strengths of both WordPress and Static HTML websites. We suggest that if you are certain that you won’t have to update, change, or add new information on your website then you should undoubtedly go for Static HTML. This will give you a faster website and you can avail PSD to HTML conversion services from your website development company as it will be easier with HTML. But if you want to leave the website independent, control what goes on your website, and need to update it from time to time then it is best to go for WordPress.

Although for both options, it is recommended to hire a professional website development company to help you create an efficient website.

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