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Yoga: Your Companion for A Stress-free Life

To lead a stress-free lifestyle, you must reserve some time from your daily routine to yoga. Learn how you can start doing yoga and some other things to live your life with peace.


Covid hit our lives from nowhere and made the entire world a haphazard system of freaked out individuals who didn’t know what to do. Healthcare systems were in all-hands-on-deck mode and people all over the world were falling prey to this pandemic. But do you know which factor played a major role in the incidence of this disease besides the obvious factors such as exposure to virus and low immunity? You guessed it right, it’s stress.

Mental health is a part of our overall health but we tend to ignore it more than anything. Did you choose to relieve your stress by doing any activity during this stressful period? If not, we’re here to tell you about one thing that will definitely relieve your stress and give you the peace of mind you’ve always wanted. What is it? Yoga! Let’s see how you can make your life easier with simple yoga and simple tools that assist you with the same from online chemists.

What is yoga? 

Its ability to put your mind at ease and provide immense relaxation is utterly underrated. And if you need to know a scientific fact backing the importance of yoga, it has been found out via research that yoga regulates the release of your primary stress hormone, cortisol. Be it stress, anxiety, emotional distress, fatigue or lethargy, the regular practice of yoga has helped a lot of people relieve these symptoms and lead a healthier life in a matter of months.

It has also shown to improve cardiac health, relieve the symptoms of inflammation and bloating, improve sleep quality and enhance your quality of life altogether. All this, only by spending some time, everyday for yourself, for yoga. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you get to be healthy without any medication? Well, yoga is that medication for your soul. It is only a matter of time and the question is that when are you going to grab this elixir and enhance your life for good.

How to start doing yoga?

A lot of beginners do not know how to get started with yoga in an effective way and that’s completely fine. It is a practice of bringing you closer to your real self and hence, very subjective too. However, it also requires guidance because unlike meditation, yoga involves a lot of physical movement. Doing it wrongly can harm you physically and affect your mobility as well. Hence, two things are very important when it comes to yoga: Proper guidance, and proper equipment.

Yoga is strictly to be performed on a surface that doesn’t let the electricity of your body flow back and forth to the earth. There needs to be an insulating layer between you and the surface you’re sitting on and a yoga mat does just that. Never forget to get yourself a durable and comfortable yoga mat before starting your yoga journey. They are available at UK pharmacy, and if you are someone who likes to order things at a click of their smartphone, yoga mats are even available at online pharmacies UK.

What else can you use?

Meditation is also a part of yoga and a good meditation cushion will allow you to practice in a better way. It should support your body and let it conform to its original shape. The Zafu Meditation cushion from online pharmacist is one of the best products you’ll come across if you’re looking for a perfectly round, and well-designed cushion for this purpose. It is filled with buckwheat and hence provides the best support to your body throughout your yoga.

While you’re at it, we also need to tell you that yoga is something that grants immense flexibility to your body. But for that, it needs you to indulge in the rigorous exercise of learning how to allow your body that flexibility. You’ll be doing a lot of stretches, inversions, etc. In such conditions, you need to have something that supports you whilst you do all these poses. Investing in a good yoga blanket would be the best way to go about it. It is a highly versatile prop that can provide height in seated postures and back your head and shoulders in inversions. 

It could also support the neck in reclining postures, and if you are doing backbends, we’d definitely recommend this. It is also proven to relieve strain on knees or ankles in certain poses. What else would you expect!


While yoga brings you closer to yourself, it is also important to practice this form of meditation and exercise with utmost care. Stressful lives affect us in more ways than imaginable and yoga is your way out from that mind-numbing stress. Contact Life Pharmacy UK to get your yoga equipment today and start your yoga journey.


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