Your Edmonton Dental Clinic’s Advice for a Broken Tooth

Whether you need root canal therapy, dental veneers, a crown, or dental filling, you Edmonton dental clinic can provide you with proper treatment. Dental issues should only be treated by a professional, and you should never rely on home remedies alone.

While the enamel that coats our teeth is considered the most mineralized and hardest type of tissue in the human body, it still has limitations in terms of its strength. Receiving a direct blow to our face or chewing tough food will cause our teeth to break or chip, especially if the teeth have signs of decay already. Fortunately, your Dentist in Edmonton can present you with a lot of options to fix this problem.

How Your Dental Clinic Treats Injured Teeth

The pain that you are experiencing from your injured teeth may be intermittent or constant. Some people will feel severe pain when they are chewing since it puts pressure on their damaged tooth. You do not have to endure this pain since there are dental treatments designed for these situations that can be performed by your Edmonton dentist.

For Fractured Teeth

There is no at-home treatment designed for fractured or cracked teeth. There are instances when your teeth will appear fine and you will only feel pain when you are eating or if there is a sudden change of temperature in your mouth. This is a sign of blood vessel damage or nervedamage and should be fixed at once. Tooth extractions or root canal treatment are some of your options. If the dentin or the enamel has been affected, your dental clinic might recommend a crown. As we mentioned above, cracks will not always be visible. If you have fractured teeth, the sensitivity and the discomfort that you are feeling will become more pronounced over time. For more information about the treatment of Dental Extractions in Edmonton.

For A Broken Tooth

For those who have a broken tooth, you need to visit your Edmonton dentist’s office immediately. Your dentist has the tools and knowledge to determine the cause of the broken tooth. Some of the possible causes can be nerve damage and a cavity. If the nerve has been damaged, a root canal is the preferred treatment. Before you get to your dentist’s office, there are some steps that you can take to relieve the pain.

To reduce the pain, an over-the-counter pain reliever can be taken.

• If your situation prevents you from going to the clinic immediately, you may cover the affected area with dental cement that you can purchase at your local drugstore.

• You may apply a cold compress on your lips or cheek to reduce the swelling.

• If there is severe bleeding, you can apply pressure on the area by using a gauze. If this is ineffective, you can use a tea bag as a substitute.

• Use warm water when rinsing your mouth.

For A Knocked-Out Tooth

If you have a knocked-out tooth, understand that timing is very crucial. Every passing minute can lead to the death of the cell that will make it impossible to reattach the tooth. If you face this situation, immediately rinse the tooth using plain water. Try to implant the tooth on the affected site and go to the dental clinic at once. When picking up the tooth, you should pick it up from the crown, and you should never allow the tooth to dry. Completing the process within 30 minutes can increase the probability of re-implantation. The dentist will also determine if it is necessary to conduct root canal treatment weeks after the knocked-out tooth has been stabilized.

A Broken Jaw

A broken or dislocated jaw can happen to those who have experienced facial trauma. Jaw stiffness, bleeding, swelling, and any dental-related pain or discomfort are signs of a broken jaw. To identify a broken jaw, the dentist will start with a physical exam. The Edmonton dentist may also require an X-ray of the affected area. Simple dislocation can be treated by your dentist. However, during a severe case, this may require surgery that should be performed by a specialist.

Whether you need dental veneers, a crown, or dental filling or root canal therapy in edmonton. We can provide you with proper treatment. Dental issues should only be treated by a professional, and you should never rely on home remedies alone.

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