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Blockchain Exchange Development: Blockchain Technology for Exchanges Nadcab Technology Developed Centralized Crypto exchange software and decentralized exchange software for token and business plan and live crypto trading software. What is Blockchain Technology? Blockchain is a computer programing structure that helps in the production, distribution and exchange of digital assets. It can be used for smart contracts, supply chain management, file-sharing, trading of non-fiat currency and other purposes. This block scale electronic accounting and record keeping system makes the peer-to-peer cashless economy possible. The financial technology is growing and starting to transform the world by providing businesses with new capabilities to gain efficiencies and adapt to constantly changing business needs. This highly-revolutionary technology is all over, and it is quickly finding application in almost all fields of business. Advantages of blockchain technology Blockchain has a new way of creating financial systems, where digital assets are managed by trusted, distributed ledgers. Blockchain technology provides many possible advantages for this kind of systems. However, to implement blockchain-based, more complex, financial systems, several aspects must be considered. Transfer of funds — this is the most difficult part of financial system development. It’s also a complex area in which current infrastructure is not sufficient. Decentralized exchange will support exchange of cryptocurrency without financial intermediaries. Transparent management of transactions — blockchain technology will eliminate arbitrage and market manipulation. Accessibility of customers — online and mobile services will be available and secure. How it can be used in the real world Centralized exchanges are very useful for exchanges, BTC is traded between brokers using the exchange software. With the centralized exchanges, the user cannot change the value of the BTC (making it impossible to trade crypto). The decentralized exchange can help the user to access the real value of the crypto. Tokens: There are various ways how the value can be tracked: the value of the token can be tracked with the blockchain; or the value of a token can be tracked via the token market price (also known as the chart price of the token); the value of a token can be tracked using the hash rate; the token can be tracked using the blockchain balance; or the value of a token can be tracked using other databases such as exchange rates, statistics, and others. Problems with existing exchanges Risks of exchanges in conducting operations like exchange operations : Risk management for business Fraud risks Low level of competition for market leadership … The Proposal Nadcab technology presents an auditable, safe, fast and secure cryptocurrency exchange software solution. The Nadcab technology is different from the existing technology in the sense that it is based on Blockchain technology and the existing exchange is based on server based technology. Problems with existing exchanges Too many companies in the cryptocurrency exchange market operate independently and not as one company to prevent problems. How we're solving the problems we currently see Blockchain-based infrastructure for buying and selling and the exchange was built by Nadcab Technology and these solutions are the backbone for the exchange. Blockchain exchange means the exchange will be powered by decentralized power, with no central powers such as servers. These solutions are meant to improve the crypto exchange by decentralizing the asset, network, user and trading functions to a decentralized blockchain. The exchange will require no centralized payment processing or reconciliation between the traders. Conclusion In conclusion, every marketer should integrate blockchain technology into their work and project. The fact that it has lots of benefits will help them to achieve high success rate. VISIT US:


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