I see instagram users trying to figure out a way to download Instagram Profile Pictures that they see on their feed. There is a way to do that. I am going to show two methods in fact these are two websites that can help you download the same. Go to Chrome, Search for Insta Zoom. Insta Zoom for instagram, open it. To show the user interface of both these websites,i need to copy the url that i want to download, open instagram, to download this video tap on these three dots and copy url. Let me first demonstrate insta zoom open it. After copying the url , you will see the image of the video here, download it, video is successfully saved. I go to the gallery and here is the downloaded video. For a similar action using other app, go to the image that you want to download, back to the three dots, copy url. Go the the app, this time i am opening insta download, paste the url here, simply click on paste. here is the image, save image. You may change the folder path, or name of the Instagram profile pictures and then download, successfully downloaded. This app also has an option to share the images or the videos that you have downloaded, this is the image, i can share it from the interface of the app itself. Let's go the gallery annd see the downloaded profile pictures, here it is under the images folder. That was pretty easy to follow, if you found this good, Do give it a thumbs up. https://instazoom.com.de/