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10 Foods You Can Cook in Electric Griddles

Do you love cooking? have you ever tried cooking in an electric griddle, if not then you should try cooking in an electric griddle where you can cook different fast, and delicious food.

An electric griddle is a kitchen appliance mostly used for breakfast preparation during the morning hours before going to the office or school. However, there are various types of electric griddles for different recipes because some have been designated for recipes requiring low or high temperatures. Thus, due to technology evolution, they have invented some of the best electric griddles for specific recipes. The recipes that can be cooked using an electric griddle are as follows;



Bison burger is a slice of lean meat wrapped in bacon to prevent the burger from drying out when cooking using an electric griddle. Bison burger is best cooked using a cinder electric griddle with a lid and wide enough to contain six burgers. Besides, it is featured with an App for temperature control while cooking, like when cooking Bison Burger; you can set the temperature to a rare searing step that brings the burger to a juicy medium.



Pancakes are thoroughly cooked at a temperature of 360-370 degrees Fahrenheit for around 10-20 minutes for thorough cooking. This will only be best cooked using George Foreman Griddle, the best electric griddle that can cook your pancake perfectly because it is featured with; a heat dial for suitable temperature control, an automatic timer, a pluggable, and a non-sticking grill with a lid. If you want to make your pancake darker, keep the grill plugged in and close the lid without changing temperature for a few minutes before unplugging the grill.



Presto tilt n’ fold Griddle, 19”, is the best electric griddle for cooking your meat since it is large and adjustable enough to contain the intended sizes of meet needed. It has a master heat control to automatically maintain the desired cooking temperature required to make the meat juicy. Besides that, the grilling surface is made with levers that tilt to drain while cooking the meat.



Taking a delicious sandwich in the morning is a great day for you, but if it is made from the best electric griddle as Zojirushi sizzler electric griddle which has removable heat control for variable heat settings from 175 – 425 degrees and its heating components is designed for are even heat distribution, hence, making the sandwich be cooked thoroughly and faster. The other feature that makes your sandwich the best is that the cooking surface is made of ceramic, which is nonstick not to overcook the sandwich.



Most of the electric griddle is not suitable for cooking salmon and hotdogs, but Gotham smokeless indoor grill and griddle is the best electric griddle for salmon and hotdogs. The electric griddle is featured with a tray placed below the grill to collect the draining water/fatty oils, thus preventing smoke while roasting. The grill is made of ceramic, which is nonstick for easy roasting and drips fatty oil from the salmon or hotdog. Besides that, it has a heat control plug suitable for both salmon and hotdog since they require minimum heat for thorough cooking.



Corn tortillas are best cooked on an open surface, and the only best electric griddle that can perfectly cook this sumptuous meal is the cast iron griddle. The cast iron griddle can be heated to medium-high heat suitable for corn tortillas one by one. The cast iron is a nonstick and open surface for even heat distribution and proper roasting of the corn tortillas.



The best electric griddle for cooking BBQ is Costzon 35” electric Tepanyaki which has a wide table grill for cooking BBQ. It requires a little grease on the nonstick surface, thereby producing a healthier BBQ. BBQ is prepared in Costzon 35” since it is featured with five temperature settings by controlling the adjustable thermostat, making it convenient for cooking various constituents of the BBQ. Besides, it has six wooden spatulas, and two egg rings hence making your BBQ cooking experience enjoyable and happy.



Cooking fish sing electric griddle is hard, but Hamilton Beach 3-in-1 electric smokeless is the best electric griddle, and multifunctional. It is designed with two reversible, removable, nonstick cooking grill, center grease channel removable tray. Cooking or roasting your fish using Hamilton Beach grill/griddle is fun since the roasting fish’s fatty oil is collected underneath the grill by grease tray, making it smoke-free. The fish cooked on this grill is delicious due to the two operational heating controls suitable for heating the fish.



Crispy bacon is not easy to prepare; however, Homecraft FBG2 Nonstick Electric Bacon Press and Griddle is the best electric griddle for crispy bacon. It is featured with a removable central plate that can accommodate up to six strips of regular-cut bacon. It can also cook thick-cut bacon. It has a drip tray below the central to catch the unwanted fat or grease from the bacon. Furthermore, the griddle has lights signal for the temperature alerts suitable for cooking the bacon.


10. EGG

An egg is the easiest delicacy to cook; hence any of the above mention best electric grillers could be used to cook the egg(s). However, it is best if to consider using the best electric griddle that is nonstick, anti-grease, while it being cooked and featured with a knob temperature control appropriate for the egg. The best electric griddle example is Ovente Electric Indoor Kitchen Griddle.


Acknowledging and embracing electric griddles as an important kitchen appliance would relieve after a long day at work. The best way of preparing the recipes that may need a lot of your time and attention.

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