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10 Side Business Ideas you can Start on your own

10 Side Business Ideas you can Start on your own There are both pros and cons for starting a side business, you need to know.

10 Side Business Ideas you can Start on your own

There are both pros and cons for starting a side business, you need to know.


  • Low investment: you can save warehousing fee, + you can claim potential tax deduction.
  • You can have a flexible work and balanced life, you can do a lot of other stuff beside your business.
  • You can make it your family business, by allowing your relatives to join.


  • Space: you need to create enough space at your home ( if it’s your business from home) without disrupting your normal lifestyle.  You might need to rent other commercial space if your business outgrows your house.
  • There is freedom while working from home but can be lonely.

10 Side business idea you can start today

  1. Buy Products in bulk to sell

If you have a good knowledge of market you can try this idea, you can buy such Products in bulk which are not easily available in your region, and then you can sell them individually for your profit.

  1. Sell home made products

You can turn out your hobbies into your business. If you are good at something, never do it for free. Making any kind of product on your own is a good idea to show your creativity, you can control it’s cost while maintaining its quality. Or you can  make them such way to target certain audience.

Examples of Products you can make at home.

  • Art
  • Candle
  • Food
  • Apparel
  • Jewelry
  • Cosmetic
  1. Start a print on demand business

Print on demand business is quite famous nowadays, people love gifting custom made gifts. There are a lot of ideas you can opt for i.e., books, backpacks, hat, t-shirt, blankets, pillow, mug, hoodies, phone case, etc. There are more, or you can choose a niche to target a certain kind of audience, for that you need to research about what’s trending.

  1. Sell your service or expertise

Its way easier than products to sell your service. You can  sell your services from your home, don’t need to travel at all.

Here are some ideas for selling services:

  • Tutor
  • Freelance writer
  • Personal trainer
  • Virtual assistant
  • Marketing
  • Designing
  1. Home bakery

If  you are good at cooking you can open your bakery, you also don’t need to buy or rent any commercial space you can start is from your home . Your hobby can help you in making money, all you need is to take care of home delivery service, if your service won’t be good it can cause a negative impact to your business.

  1. Online tutor

In this tough time when everyone is suffering from epidemic, everything is disturbed but there are some things which have to be continue i.e., students’ studies are important, you can start giving lessons online, your knowledge can help you in making money.

  1. Freelance writing

If you are good at writing and blogging than you should try freelance writing, you can do it from your home easily. This is the cheapest business you can start. There can be many forms of writing, first of all you need to figure out what is your niche i.e., resume, news article, marketing materials, business related, etc. With your niche you should be good at grammar and punctuation.

  1.  Pet sitting

If you love animals you can also start pet sitting, usually you need to go the pet owner’s home to do let sitting, but you can do it from your home as well. It’s a low budget business to start.

  1. Make-up artist / consultant

If you are good at doing makeup and have proper knowledge of fashion and trends, then you can make it your business. There is a huge section of society- loves spicing up their normal look, working in drama field, this can be a very good opportunity for you to sell your expertise online / offline. Parties, wedding seasons there are a lot of occasions people love getting their makeover done, this is such a great opportunity for you.


  1. Podcasting

Podcasting is a new trend you can opt for its quite popular and good for making money by sitting at home, but it’s not easy if you’re good at it you should give it a try.


  1. Day care

If you love kids and know how to handle them, then you can open a day care at your home, you can baby sit cute children and make money, you just have to make sure that your house is kids friendly i.e., no sharp edges, easily breakable accessories, etc. If you are going to open a day care you need to make sure you can handle it well.

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