10 Top-Rated Places to Visit in Brazil

Brazil is the largest country in South America. It is basically half the continent. Half of the country is in the Southern Hemisphere, and much of it is tropical. The vast swathes of rainforest are filled with wildlife and exotic plants.

Brazil is the largest country in South America. It is basically half the continent. Half of the country is in the Southern Hemisphere, and much of it is tropical. The vast swathes of rainforest are filled with wildlife and exotic plants. The interior is filled with precious mineral resources, whereas the thousands of kilometer-long coast is lined with the golden sand beaches. Portugal is a colonial power that ruled Brazil until 1822. So, you will notice the prevalence of Portuguese influence in the Brazilian culture. For passionate tourists, Brazil is both an exciting cultural destination and a tropical paradise.

In Brazil, you will spot the attractions of all tastes. Each year, hundreds of thousands of people leave their warm blankets and head towards this country through Qatar Airways booking to fill their life with unending amusement. If you are also among those people, here are the places you must visit in Brazil.

1.     Iguacu Falls

Iguacu Falls are located at the point where Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil meet. The Iguacu River drops breathtakingly the 247 waterfalls that throng a gorge below. The force of the water becomes even stronger due to the constriction of the river to one-fourth of its usual width. Some falls are even 100 meters high, and you might not be able to see all of them at once. However, you can get panoramic views from the Brazilian side. Surprisingly, there is a bridge here that reaches the largest tower that is commonly known as the Devil’s Throat. For closer views, you can cross to the Argentinian side that extends into the center of the falls.

2.     Sau Polo

Sao Paulo is called the concrete jungle for a reason. Sau Polo is a city of 13 million people. It is also considered the business and finance capital of Brazil. However, the cliché definition overshadows the peculiarities that make it the bustling cosmopolitan. Here, you will see the finest art galleries and museums in the country where you can explore the culture. Subsequently, you can treat your palate at the prestigious international restaurants known for their haute cuisine. If you want a change of taste, go to the Prace Roosevelt and marvel at the liberal crowd and hipster bars.

Lastly, the energetic nightlife of the city requires robust stamina, so you need to retain it while you are roaming around the streets. 

3.     Copacabana Beach

A magical integration of the sea and land, this beautiful beach of Copacabana is 4km long, with a plethora of activities along its length. Here, you will see lots of things such as the soccer players, tourists, and the beach vendors who shout out to sell their goods. Amazingly, the beach is lit at night, and the security guards also come here to protect the tourists. However, it is recommended that you stay near the places where all the people are hanging out. Since the Copacabana is sketchy, try to come here on weekends as most of the shops are closed, and you will not see lots of people around.

4.     Amazon Rain Forests

Amazon Rain Forests are the thickest forests in the entire world. The muddy waters of the Rio Solimoes border the forests, thereby skyrocketing their charm and splendor. The best way to witness the lush green pastures of the forests is through boats that will sail along the forest. Various other boats can take you to the heart of the rain forests and the network of lakes. The Rigo Negro is a spot of streams, lakes, and flooded forests. This area basically forms the full cross-section of the Amazonian ecosystem.

You can also spot toucans, parrots, turtles, and monkeys on a boat trip here. The January Ecological Park is another exciting attraction that you can explore if you come here through cheap flights tickets.

5.     Chapada Diamantina

The Chapada Diamantina National park is wild and enigmatic. Apart from boasting a rocky landscape, the park is also embellished with the incredible natural wonders such as the waterfalls and the mist clouds. Plus, the most striking feature of the area is underground cavities, which are sure to leave you stunned and dazzled. The pools here contain such clear water that the sunlight gives the pool a blue hue. The deep and vast swathes of land will make you think that this place is a pure wonder. In addition, the breathtaking backdrop will also compel you to capture some shots which you could show to your family members. Undoubtedly, going to this place would be a worthwhile investment.

6.     Bahia

With over 1000 km of coconut beaches and the most pliable climate in the region, Bahia is a trendy destination for foreign travelers. The climate here is sunny and hot, but not as hot as elsewhere. It constitutes over a third of the Northeast part of Brazil. The mountains located at its heart offer amazing climbing and trekking opportunities. Similarly, the Sao Francisco Lakes are perfect for the water-related sports activities. The fast-developing island resorts and the mangrove swamps convert the Bahia into a spectacular coastline.

A number of colonial towns also lie within a close distance of Salvador. If you go further south, you will see a thriving beach resort, namely lljeus. The settlements of this resort predate Salvador’s.

7.     Rio de Janeiro

Portuguese explorers discovered the bay in 1502, and they were astonished by its sheer splendor. The Europeans had never seen weird shapes, rocks, and mountains before. Today, Rio de Janeiro is considered the most interesting and recognizable sites in the country. Similarly, the Botanical Gardens that were opened in the early 19th century are also adored by the visitors. This site houses a number of attractive spots where the tourists can go to ward off their exhaustion and get lost in the charismatic entertainment.

The Peak of Corcovado is one such spot that is bearing the famous statue of Christ. From here, the visitors will be able to witness the breathtaking views of the entire harbor.

8.     Pantanal

If you are waiting for a thrill that can make you crazy, a visit to Pantanal is certainly a must. It is believed to be the largest wetland in the world. Pantanal is located in the center of the country and includes the mesmerizing natural landscapes that entail one of the world’s most complex and distinct ecosystems. In order to explore the exceptionally preserved natural habitat, you need to take a guided tour. Through this tour, you will also be able to admire the beauty of capybaras, caimans, and the hundreds of other bird species. Sitting near the pristine pastures and enjoying the serene views of the sky will certainly calm your nerves.

9.     Ouro Preto

It is believed that this region is the wealthiest in entire Brazil as it is the center of minerals and natural resources. The interior of the area and the churches located in its capital are not only amazing but also magical. All the walls of the buildings here are washed in the gold that flows along with the diamonds. The mines belonging to the 17th and 18th centuries surge the beauty of this place. It is also termed the jewel town because of the captivating streets and the mountain setting. Surprisingly, you will also spot a number of cheap hotels here.

The area also hosts a UNESCO World Heritage Site where tourists come to explore the historical perspectives of Brazil. The steep streets and the food stalls on these streets will surely impress you. It is suggested that you come here with your family as all of you will enjoy it to the fullest.

10.  Jacobina

Jacobina is a small town nestled on the slopes of hills with glamorous views. It is also called the old mining town and has an energetic strength. The two rivers that bisect the town is the major clue that attracts thousands of people here. In the early 17th century, gold was first found here. In addition, several Brazilian expeditions have successfully made the trip from Sao Paulo to settle. 

This town is inherently friendly. The altitudes of this town take the edge of temperature most of the days, so it is an excellent place to walk. The town becomes quiet at night save for riverbanks and squares. The paths of the town also lead to surrounding hills where the thrill seekers must venture.


Going to Brazil would not only broaden your traveling horizons but would also acquaint you with the vibrant culture. Visit faremakers.com if you want to book cheap flights for Brazil.

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