Andar Bahar Online Cash Game Winning Formula - Instant Win and Quick Cashout in India

Andar Bahar Game Online

Andar Bahar Online Cash Game Winning Formula - Instant Win and Quick Cashout in India

Andar Bahar Game Play Online in India

Andar Bahar is one of the popular Indian card games known for its simplicity and fast gameplay. Not only in India, but this game is becoming a favorite pastime of many online casino players around the world.

Also known by the names ‘Katti’ and ‘Mangatha’, Andar Bahar is widely played among friends and families at Indian homes too. Even for a new player, it takes no more than two minutes to learn the rules and start playing it. However, in order to make winning bets, you must learn some important strategies related to Andar Bahar gameplay.

The article below lists the winning formula for Andar Bahar online cash game. Follow the article for instant wins and quick cashout in India.

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Andar Bahar Winning Formula 2020

Choose the Right Site

The first winning formula for Andar Bahar is to choose the right site. Be clear that a licensed and trusted online casino is the right site for any online gambling activities.

A fraud online casino site gives you bad gambling experience with low quality software, late or no response for your queries, high house edge, and late or no payment. So, if you don’t want your money to be wasted and you want to win some real money and cashout whenever you want to, you must find a site that is the best one in the gambling market.

. BetBarter is undeniably one of the best online casino sites in India for online gambling. With everything opposite to a fraud casino, Betbarter gives the best experience in all kinds of gambling activities. By choosing Betbarter, you can ensure yourself that you will have a fair chance of winning and cashout your winning amount at any time.

Learn the Game Terms

Before entering into live andar bahar, it is essential to know the meaning of different terms used in the name and within the game. The terms in the game are few and straightforward. and few. Here, you must know the meaning of Andar’, ‘Bahar’, and ‘game card’ along with ‘longshot side bet’.Andar and Bahar are Hindi words; ‘Andar’ meaning ‘Inside’ refers left betting side and ‘Bahar’ meaning ‘Outside’ refers right betting side on the table. ‘Game card’ is the first drawn card from the deck that is specified as the Joker of the round and it is the card that must be matched to end the round. ‘Longshot bet’ is a side bet in some variations of live Andar Bahar where you are allowed to bet on over 41 cards being dealt before the round ends.

Learn How to Play Andar Bahar in Online Casino

After learning about the terms of Andar Bahar, it is time to learn how you should play andar bahar online. Just like simple terms, gaming in Andar Bahar is also effortless.

First, a game card is drawn by the dealer, showed to the players and placed on the table. It is specified as Joker of the round. Then the players are allowed to place bets predicting the side where the first matching value card of the Joker lands.

The dealer now alternately deals the cards with faceup on both sides until one of the sides gets the first matching value card. All the winning bets are paid instantly, and the losing bets go to the house. Here the round ends, and the next begins.

Note that if the game card is from black suite, dealing starts from Andar and if it is from red suite, dealing starts from Bahar.


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