Intro-Tech And Weathertech Sunshades – Is There Any Difference?

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Intro-Tech And Weathertech Sunshades – Is There Any Difference?

Every car enthusiast out there knows that the only to preserve their car’s look is by maintaining it from the inside and outside. Just as we emphasize cleaning the interior to avoid cracks or a dim dashboard, it’s equally important to keep the exterior top-notch. Since the crux of this blog is about safeguarding your vehicle’s external body, the only thing that can damage it is none other than sunlight. Every attempt to protect your car’s appearance goes to waste once UV rays from the sun strike its body. So, what’s the best way of protecting your car against sunlight? Delving deep into this topic, the two desired brands that we’re gonna discuss today are Intro-tech and Weathertech sunshades. This blog will cover the perks of using the two custom fit sunshades for cars and whether the two sunshades are different from each other or not?

Why use the weathertech brand?

Weathertech is recognized for its professional designs and making some of the best auto accessories present in the market. Hence, there is no doubt to the fact that their sunshades would be no less than a flawless car protector. These sunshades with Weathertech’s unique technology flaunts a thoughtful design with double sides, i.e., a silverside with reflective qualities to keep the inside of your car cool when there is scorching heat outside. In contrast, the second side serves the purpose of absorbing heat, keeping the car warm in chilly winters. Whether you are searching for a honda civic sun shade or Mercedes sprinter sunshade, Weathertech has just the right sunshade crafted to a custom fit on your year and model. To add a cherry on top, there are integrated cups that suck the air from where they are fitted, providing a stable installation. The sunshade is then firmed with a Velcro strap.


Why opt for the Intro-tech brand?

Quite similar to the weathertech stuff, the Intro-tech also has two sides boasting a reflector and absorber oppositely. Regardless of what the outside temperature is, this sunshade will make sure that the car stays protected at all costs. The intro-tech sunshades also come with a custom fit, so if you are looking for Hyundai sunshades, what better option can it be to invest in the Intro-tech variants. What sets them apart from the weathertech ones is the budget aspect. If you want to buy one for your car, but you are lacking money, the intro-tech is the only option to go for, as their sunshades will protect your vehicle from scorching heat and UV Ray damage, yet they are a bit easy on consuming your money. 

So, what’s the final decision?

Based on the propositions we have listed above, both Weathertech and Intro-tech have top of line custom fit sunshades for cars. So there is no right or wrong between selecting one. It all comes down to your own preference. If you think of spending some extra bucks, then go for the Weathertech ones, otherwise, Intro-tech is also a wise decision.

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