10 Toughest Mountains to Climb

Annapurna Climbing experience is one of the deadliest and the best climbing experiences one can ever have. Annapurna Climbing presents the climbers with all the challenges that they could imagine to come across during an ascent.

Mountaineering is considered one of the sports activities. It's hard to scale those edges and there is always a risk around you. Many individuals have lost their lives. So, why do people still continue doing this action? It's for the sense of risk and for thrill, excitement. Some hills are easy to climb whereas some are tough. Let us have a look to climb.


1. K2:                         

K2 is located between Pakistan and China and it's known as the world's second greatest mountain. It is also known to climb. It's the elevation of to climb that height is not a simple effort and 8611m. People will begin to feel oxygen deprivation, after attaining certain elevation. This mountain has been nicknamed as the "Savage Mountain". This nickname speaks a good deal. Many individuals have died in their quest. This is a result of its steep and rough patch together with its cold and unpredictable weather. The climbers tend to die when they're about to descend the mountain rather than when they're climbing it. Another fascinating fact about the mountain is that it is rumored to have been cursed for women.


2. Nanga Parbat:

Nanga Parbat is just another mountain in this record whose elevation is greater than 8000m. It contains an elevation of 8125m and is located in Pakistan. It's been lovingly named "Maneater" and "Killing Mountain". The main reason behind such names is its high mortality rate. Its mountain made from rock and ice. It comes in par with K2, that's the mountain to scale if it comes to a technical difficulty.


3. Fitz Roy:

Sometimes when people say "Beauty kills", then you need to consider it. The Fitz Roy Mountain proves this expression. When you look at it your breath will probably be invigorated. But, behind its striking beauty lies the story of deaths. It is located in Patagonia and its height is roughly one-third of Mount Everest. But, do not make the mistake of underestimating it because of its height. It provides climbers with high technical difficulties. In addition to that, it is located in an extremely isolated place and contains exceptionally volatile weather.


4. Kanchenjunga:

With security measures and growing mountaineering techniques, individuals have a tendency to think that it is simple nowadays to climb mountains. This is the truth regarding mountains except for Kanchenjunga. No matter how many techniques or security measures are used, the death toll seen in this mountain is increasing rather than decreasing. It is located between India and Nepal and is 8586m high. The reasons why many lives have been claimed by this mountain are totally unpredictable and avalanches weather.


5. Annapurna:

This mountain is located in Nepal and is 8091m high. A collection of series of peaks is called Annapurna however, and then they are referring to the maximum summit in that collection when people say they would like to climb Annapurna. Annapurna climbing is not as easy as people think.  This mountain has claimed a number of lifestyles and is known as among the deadliest mountains. However, with the use of mountaineering techniques and safety measures, the mortality rate has gone down a little.


6. The Matterhorn:

This mountain is a Swiss star. It is 4478m high and lies between Switzerland and Italy. Despite its low height, it's been in a position to claim hundreds of lives. The cause of this is that the avalanches and high issues and overcrowding of the climbing route. It's the truth however although It's hard to think that overcrowding is one of the causes of high departure rates.


7. Baintha Brakk:

Baintha Brakk is also called "The Ogre". It's located in Pakistan and is 7285m high. It is known as one of the mountains to climb because of the hazardous rise and its history. No one dared to climb it although one batch of climbers was victorious to climb it in 1971. The reason behind this is that the climb was difficult and dangerous that no one had the courage to think about scaling it. Granite terrain and its altitude, steepness would be the reasons for its own reign of terror.


8. Vinson Massif:

The Antarctica continent is a challenging place to reach. Now, add the mountain of that continent, then you have got yourself one of the mountains to scale. It is 4892m high and is famed for its high death rates. It pops the climbers with cold and erratic weather and great technical problem. No assistance can reach punctually if any accidents happen since it's situated in Antarctica that itself is an isolated continent.


9. Pomiu:

Now, just because the term "Girl" was used, don't dare to dismiss it. This mountain can reveal to you the real power that's hidden in every woman. It's located in China and is 5413m high. Despite its height, not a lot of men and women dare to scale it. Terrains that are hard and its peaks will be the reason people are scared of enduring the quest. But it is one of the gorgeous hills and had it not been so difficult to climb, it might have been among the favorite tourist destinations.


10. Lhotse:

Lhotse is linked to Mountain Everest and is located in between China and Nepal. It is 8516m high. With many attempts and death rates that were high, it can be listed among the mountains to scale. It's the face in the world. Its south face will end up being difficult for the climbers to climb. However, it's north face is easy to climb that individuals that are in their way to climb Mount Everest spend a while in its north face.


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