How to Move Emails from Office 365 to Gmail?

How to Move Emails from Office 365 to Gmail?

Both Office 365 and Gmail application are the best on their hand but now many users of Office 365 application wants to change their email client and want to transfer data from Office 365 account to their Gmail account. So, if you are finding that particular solution through which you can manage all data of Office 365 into Gmail account then this article can help you to get the expert software that is Office 365 Converter which has all required functions related to this conversion process.

Specifications and Features of Office 365 and Gmail Application

Office 365 is a cloud-based application that is introduced by Microsoft for the users who want to manage all emails and other official data on any cloud application so that they can easily access to their whole data. This application contains all features which are required by the user of any organization as the admin of Office 365 account can add many employees and can manage all important data related to the company from anywhere without any loss of data.

Gmail is a widely used featured application and contains functions through which a user can communicate to other users. This email client has the ability to send emails to various other email clients. With the utilization of this email client user can also send images attachments and other documents of multiple formats easily. Gmail user also has an option to send direct messages, this feature is also known as hangout.

Why Choose this Tool to Transfer Data from Office 365 to Gmail?

The Office 365 Converter tool can transfer all data through the direct and one-time processing way. This software is easy to handle by all users including both non-professionals and professionals. This software transfer all data with all information about selected items. No data will remove or delete during the process and can be saved at that path where users want to save them all. Through this software you can perform Office 365 tenant to tenant migration, Office 365 to Gmail, Office 365 to G Suite, Office 365 to Exchange Server, etc. With this software, you can transfer selective data as it contains selective filtration options through which you can save Office 365 data into Gmail account according to date, from, to and subject. Through the use of this software, you can easily find the answer to the question that is how to move emails from Office 365 to Gmail.

Procedure for the Office 365 Data Conversion into Gmail Account

  • Download and install the Office 365 Converter.
  • From the very first window of this application select Office 365 from the Select Email Source section.
  • Enter complete login details and move towards further process by clicking on the Login button.
  • Now, select those folders which you want to transfer from Office 365 account to Gmail account.
  • Through the help of the Backup section select destination email client that is Gmail from the Select Saving Option.
  • After that use Options for Selective Filters to move selective data of Office 365 account.
  • At last, click on the Backup button and wait till the message window opens and shows you the message that is Conversion Completed Successfully.

These steps of conversion can be followed on any Windows Operating System as this software is designed for the Windows-based computer system. It supports Windows OS 10, 8.1, 7, XP, Vista and all other Windows OS. This software maintains the structure of a folder and does not save any login credentials of any account.


It is concluded by all this discussion that with the utilization of Office 365 Converter any user can move data from Office 365 account to Gmail account. You can try its free demo edition through which you can easily understand how to move emails from Office 365 to Gmail. All conversion processes can be done through the licensed edition of this software.

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