Product’s Effective Packaging will Increase your Sales!

Cosmetic Boxes Packaging

Product’s Effective Packaging will Increase your Sales!

From what we know, the use of makeup is as old as time itself. It goes back to the ancient Egypt, and even at that time, both men and women used to wear makeup. The only makeup product at that time was an eye pencil known as “Kohl”, made by crushing rock and nowadays, it is called “Mascara” or “Eye Pencils”. The basic purpose, even back then, was to define the beauty of the eyes. The purposes haven’t changed, but the trends have and the cosmetics have definitely become safer for use. The advancement in time has definitely become a great plus point for all of us. We have better access to high-end makeup and due to the awareness through the internet, people are now more conscious about their makeup products. This is why every makeup brand has leveled up the product quality and everything that goes on to the product. This shows that quality matters more now, which is the basic demand of every single person buying makeup.

How does Packaging improve your sales?

The most important thing after the product quality is definitely packaging. How a product is looking in a shelf, says a lot about the way people will be attracted towards it. Packaging plays a great role in attracting people towards the product. It is psychologically proven that vibrant colors and eye-catching packaging boxes appeals people the most and persuades them into impulsively buying the product. This is all about the mindset of the person, it could be feminine or masculine, regardless of the gender. So for any company who steps into the cosmetic industry and manufactures amazing products, people will tend to be attracted towards the uniqueness! This way the overall sales of the makeup products will increase.

Cosmetic packaging is a vast industry because of the versatility in the number of products which are now available. For this very reason, one can introduce unique and spectacular Cosmetic Boxes Packaging to reflect their own style.

Box styles:

The variety of box styles that are available for every kind of cosmetic box is quite versatile, to be honest. Described below are some of the cosmetic products and the way their boxes can be customized:  

  • Serum Boxes

With all these essential oils and serums in the market, skincare lines have definitely hyped up. The basic purpose of the product is to maintain the basic hygiene of the skin so the packaging must be according to that.

Normally, the most common box style used for custom serum boxes is tuck in boxes with auto-lock bottom.

  • Foundation Boxes

People dig the high coverage look due to all the beauty influencers on the internet. This is why people want their foundations to be on point and perfect in every manner. Because most foundations come in glass bottles, the packaging has to be perfect in every manner.

The most common style used for personalized foundation boxes is considered to be tuck in top with sealed end.

  • Eyeshadow Boxes

No makeover goes by without a good eye makeup look, which is why eyeshadows have become an essential in the makeup routine. For the perfect packaging, mostly horizontal (both cube like and rectangular) packaging is used. The style can be both, tuck in and sleeve.

  • Eyelash Boxes

Eyelashes play a great role in making the eyes look more defined and beautiful. This product is the most delicate one and it has to have the sturdiest packaging. The most common style used for custom eyelash packaging boxes is tuck in boxes, rigid boxes with a magnetic flap or sleeve boxes.

  • Lipstick Boxes

To bring the entire look together, lipsticks are still the most favorite. Lipsticks come in both, bullets as cream lipsticks and tubes as liquid lipsticks, so the packaging can be altered accordingly. However, the box style can either be straight tuck in or reverse tuck in.

  • Lip Gloss Boxes

To top off the lipstick, people use lip gloss and these two products can be used even without full face of makeup. Just like liquid lipsticks, lip glossed also have vertical and long tuck in boxes.


For any kind of cosmetic box, the stock that is used can vary as per the product. Cardboard, paper card, corrugated, or rigid stock can be used as per your personal preferences.


The good thing about customized packaging is that you can alter the size, shape and style of the product boxes, just as you like. The boxes can be designed in any manner that you want, complementing the theme of the product line. This freedom in customization will help you play around with the look of the product boxes.


Packaging companies have a team of designers which will aid you in designing the product, the way you want to. You can make the product box, as much colorful as you want to. No matter what kind of theme you are going for, a perfect look can be achieved.


Clean and vibrant print is the basic thing to attract people towards your product. Companies use modern and updated techniques to print the design and everything else. This will give out the impression of high quality work among the customers.

Finishing Styles:

You can try out some finishing styles like embossing, foiling, die cut, matte or gloss lamination, depending on the look you are going for.

The crux is that packaging plays a great role in increasing the sales and in improving the overall brand’s image in the market. There is no denial in the fact that people are always attracted to the products that instantly catch the eye. Yes, the quality of the product is of extreme importance but only display worthy products pass the sales test. So your customized packaging boxes will play a key role in bringing attention to your cosmetic products.

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