Best hair extensions for men & women

2 Different types of Hair Extensions for men & women

In this article, I have given detailed information about hair extensions for both men and women! These extensions are comfortable and easy to use for both men & women.

Hair Extensions For Men

Hair extensions for men are a growing trend among men. Many daring and confident men are opting for hair extensions to transform their look. And why shouldn’t they? Women love guys with long hair–think Brad Pitt in Legends of the Fall, Johnny Depp, or even Fabio. In fact, some male celebrities, like Poison frontman Bret Michaels have even admitted to wearing hair extensions. I think it’s safe to say hair extensions aren’t just for women any more.

There are so many options for hair extensions for men out there, from length to texture to colour, that it’s almost impossible NOT to find a style that suits you and your lifestyle.

Hair extensions for men are not only great for adding instant length to your hair and avoiding the awkward growing out phase, but it’s also a great option for men who are suffering from thinning hair. If you’ve tried creams, pills, foams, and sprays that promise to grow back your hair but haven’t seen any results, hair extensions can be a great alternative, and the results are instant.

The great thing about hair extensions for men is that it adds volume to your hair without surgery, and the results are instant. There are many different methods for attaching hair extensions. The most popular methods for men are braiding and using adhesives.

With the braiding technique, the extensions are braided into the hair to add volume. This option can be a bit pricey ranging from $1000 to $2000, but it is worth it because your extensions can last up to 6 months. This is a great method because the hair extensions are virtually undetectable.

Another popular method to apply hair extensions for men is the hot fusion method. This is where the hair extensions are attached with hot glue. The hair extensions cost for this method is generally less expensive, running anywhere from $350 to $500.

A less permanent and cheaper option is getting clip in hair extensions. These extensions already have metal clips attached to them, so all you have to do is clip them to your own hair. It’s also easy to remove the extensions yourself. If you are hesitant to go to a salon to get a hair extension, this may be a good option for you because you can apply it yourself in the comfort of your own home.

Once your extensions are applied, you can treat the hair like your own hair. There is no fear of the hair falling off or blowing away with the wind. As for styling your hair, you can also treat it as if it were your own natural hair; in fact, you’ll have more styling options with your longer fuller hair thanks to hair extensions.

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If you’re hesitant to go to a salon and ask about extensions, don’t be! Hair extensions are a billion-dollar industry and are growing in popularity among men every day. In fact, there are many salons that cater to male clients, and once you see the results, you’ll wonder why you ever waited.

Coloured Hair Extensions For Women


Coloured hair extensions are a hot trend right now with celebrities from Katy Perry to Nicki Minaj rocking them out. Before you jump into the crazy wonderful world of coloured hair extensions, check out this little guide on what to look out for.

There are so many choices out there nowadays with hair extensions, that it might be daunting for you to decide which is the best for you. Hair extensions cost varies widely, but in general, you should always try to get the best quality that you can afford.

There are three main types of hair used in extensions: 100% human hair, synthetic, and a mix of synthetic and human hair. The best quality is 100% human hair that has never been chemically processed, also called Virgin human hair. 

Coloured hair extensions come in all colours of the rainbow. If you are going for a more understated look, you can choose hair extensions that match the colour of your own hair. 

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However, if you are feeling more adventurous and want to try something new and bold, you might want to consider bright, vibrant coloured hair extensions. These bright coloured hair extensions can give you a dramatic image and a bold new look.

One of the most dramatic and trendy colours out now are pink-coloured hair extensions. Celebrities from Avril Lavigne to Carrie Underwood have been seen rocking them out lately. They are very youthful and fun and give off an edgy yet still girlish vibe.

Another hot trend is purple-coloured hair extensions. While this is also an extremely bold and daring colour, it’s also a bit more mysterious and understated than pink-coloured hair extensions. There are certain mystery and elegance connected with the colour purple.

Red is the colour of passion. When you add red hair extensions to your hair, you’re telling the world you’ve got a fiery streak and there's nothing wrong with that.

Another cool look you can try is patterned hair extensions. Some of the most popular are animal print extensions like cheetah, zebra and tiger prints. These extensions tell the world you’ve got a bit of wildness about you and can’t be tamed! Check out some of these patterned hair extensions.

These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to coloured hair extensions. Whether it’s emulating your favourite celebrity, trying to look like a Japanese anime superhero, or even if you’re just trying a bold new look for yourself, it’s never been easier, so try it out for yourself today!


These 2 Types of hair extension is suitable for men and women but both are a temporary method and a little costly. We also know life without or a little hair can we tough because nowadays hair falling getting raise very fast, especially in metro cities. So Different types of hair extensions are one of the greatest ways to use them. 

Last, If you have any doubt and want to ask any question. Then feel free to comment on us, we will resolve your problem ASAP! Have a good day.

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