What Is Pipe Descaling and How Does It Work?

Pipe Descaling

What Is Pipe Descaling and How Does It Work?

What Is Pipe Descaling and How Does It Work?

Hard water and scaling are the two major problems affecting both homes and industries. If not controlled, scaling affects the functionality of all associated appliances. In the industrial world, it affects the functionality of cooling towers, condensers, and boilers. In a home setting, scaling affects all water systems and therefore making the cost of running a home high.

What Is pipe descaling?

It is a plumbing activity that helps in reclogging the pipes and therefore allowing water to move from one end to another. For a homeowner to bring the cost of running home down, pipe descaling is vital. Removing debris from the pipes is a highly mechanized process — and consequently performed by professional plumbers only.

In the last century, pipe descaling has become one of the most important services in the world of plumbing.  Experts, therefore, advise homeowners and industry managers to select professionals that have an excellent rating in pipe descaling. The quality of pipe descaling will have an impact on the future of the piping system.

Pipe descaling — just like most plumbing services — depending on the system complications and more importantly, the extent to which scaling has affected the system.

How does pipe descaling work?

Pipe descaling helps in bringing the cost of running a home or company down

The presence of debris in a piping system affects a company negatively. Important areas such as boilers, for example, use more energy than the recommended levels. In a home setting, the cost for heaters and other systems becomes unmanageable. In a 2018 report by an official news agency, companies spend 20% more on energy due to scaling within the piping system.

However, descaling the pipe systems and other affiliate systems translates into two things.

First, the cost of running important components in an industry such as boilers goes down with descaling. Low cost of production is the dream of any management, and pipe descaling makes low running cost a reality. Economists have argued that low production cost creates a spiral effect on the individual market.

Second, descaling also lowers the repair cost — both in homes and in the industrial world. In any year, the cost of repairing the pipe system range from 10-20% of the total maintenance cost. However, with pipe descaling, it is possible to bring the repairing value to 0% from 20%.

Pipe descaling is ideal in creating a safe home/industry

Safety is an essential factor — both at home and in the industrial world. Piping is one of the potential areas which can significantly affect the safety standards of industry or home. Pipe descaling improves security through the following three ways.

First, the presence of debris in a piping system affects energy usage. High energy use puts the lives of people within the ecosystem at risk. Removing debris, however, solves the issue of energy overuse — making your home and industry safe.  

Second, descaling also helps in lowering metal temperatures within the piping system. Metals such as iron and magnesium — the most used metals in industrial space — are heat conductors. High temperatures, therefore, put the people and goods at risk. However, descaling lowers all the heat-related dangers.

Thirdly, descaling is ideal in destroying the habitat for Legionnaire’s type of bacteria. Algae and sludge, for example, create a perfect space for all kinds of bacteria, precisely Legionnaire’s type of bacteria. Descaling, however, distracts the ideal space for bacteria multiplication and therefore creating a secure piping system.


In conclusion, descaling is not only vital to a company/home but also the best choice in terms of financial decisions. For better results, working with a professional drainage company in this critical excise is an added advantage.

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