Top 10 Best Blogging Platform will boom in 2019

best blogging platform

Top 10 Best Blogging Platform will boom in 2019

2019 Best Blogging Platforms forever

Ever wondered, with websites holding a firm place in the World Wide Web, where did this term "BLOGGING" come from and what are the differences they have? As the World Wide Web became a prominent place to connect to people, the entrepreneurs have started turning toward blog more frequently because it is through blogging that new ideas and views can be presented on a daily basis. Whereas a website is usually at its most rigid form and contains a certain pattern which is quite formal.

The term Blogging

A blog is a platform which is used to share daily activities and, to share ideas through the same. Any individual can write rb_blog as they are usually informal in nature and are also in the form of a post.           A blog is more of social and can be about anything including entertainment and with the ease, it can be shared on other sites too. Also, rb_blog are uploaded every now and then which forced the entrepreneurs to think about the marketing skills it possesses.

Blogging Platforms

With the increase in blogging trend, various applications and websites have also been established which facilitate and provide a platform for all the readers and writers to come together and experience the world of blogging. Some of which are: -

  • Wordpress

There are two sites for the same, namely and and are often confused for one another. is the most popular site for hosting all types of rb_blog. It gives users the complete control over the pages they wish to create as per their capabilities and desires and is free of cost also. Whereas, offers the users one blog to work on for free and if required more, they have to pay for the same.

  • Tumblr

Do you belong to the group of people who would prefer making a microblog rather than a normal blog? Then Tumblr is the correct place for you. It is categorized as the best blogging site. This site encourages short-form content and because of which they have a huge community which led to the creation of its social networking features. You can also call it a mix of WordPress and Twitter.

  • Blogger

As the name suggests itself, this site has been founded a long time ago i.e. 1999 and has been in function since then. This site hosts blogging content and also for free of cost. Blogger was in 2003 bought by the search engine giant Google and as a result, it is easy to access, just with your existing Google account.

Reward Bloggers  was founded in the started of 2017. It is Free Blog Guest Posting website all over the world where anybody can register free of cost and Publish their article. Reward Bloggers gives the preference to Both Bloggers/writer ’s Profile and Blog/articles. IT has become to famous very soon among the Bloggers, Seo Experts, Content Writers. Reward Bloggers  gives most preference to the unique content. If you are writing good knowledgeful unique content at your profile then Reward Bloggers  gives more value to you and your articles. You can become verified Blogger after completing your profile upto 60% .

  • Medium

Medium was founded in 2012 and this website is used by people who wish to publish their rb_blog as this website is also known as a blog host. This site is also referred to as the example for social journalism. This site later on led to become famous among the writers, journalists and bloggers but unlike Tumblr, the social networking features have been limited in Medium. The audience can only comment and like the post or in Medium’s language ‘claps’.

  • Weebly

If you do not have sufficient time and abilities to learn WordPress then Weebly is the site which is the most compatible for you. This site is easy to use and technical knowledge is least required to blog here. Every feature is built-in and all you need to do is select a template and fill out your content in the boxes provided as per your desire. Also, if you want an alternative site which is relatively cheap, then Weebly would be your last stop.

  • Joomla

It is a powerful website made to provide the facility of open source content management. This website can be used to create all kinds of sites and requires a person to have a deep technical knowledge to work and create a website. With no technical knowledge and no knowledge in HTML and CSS, this site would be beyond your control.

  • Squarespace

Small business owners usually opt for Squarespace because this site provides all the e-commerce functions in one place. Users don’t need to have technical knowledge because this site hosts the feature of drag and drop which makes it easier for business owners to work on it as well as blog about their business and also publish it. This ease and availability of e-commerce in this site make it a famous platform.

  • Ghost

This site’s main motive was to keep WordPress in mind and build a better and modern site and hence this site is built up with the help of javascript. This site is solely focused on blogging. Ghost is also available for free download and use but if live blogging is desired to be availed then a monthly fee is charged. Hence after that, additional facilities are provided like email and auto backup facility.

  • Wix

Wix has a similar concept to that of Squarespace i.e. it has the options of drag and drop and helps you make your web presence notable. This site also offers a blogging ability to its users which they can add to their sites. Wix is absolutely free to use and is also known as the best free blogging site for beginners and, you don’t need to learn coding to help create a blog through this platform as Wix was made in respect of the non-technical users.



If a conclusion is to be derived from all the above-mentioned sites as to which sites is the best and should be on the top of the priority list of beginners who wish to start blogging then, it would be inappropriate. Every person has his own ideas and a way of presenting those ideas in the form of rb_blog and they are for sure different and unique. Every site mentioned above works way different from each other keeping the audience in view. Hence, the blogging platform should be chosen depending upon the idea behind the blog and the sites which are close to containing all the feature one aspire, is the site which should be chosen.

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