How to Move Outlook IMAP Exchange 2013 OST to PST?

Easy tips and solutions to move IMAP Exchange 2013 OST to PST with emails, contacts, calendar and other items. Implement the steps carefully and move IMAP Exchange 2013 OST to PST without affecting original database and folder structure.

Both OST and PST are the file types of Microsoft Outlook, especially known for data storage. Very often, I have seen many people putting queries of “how to move Outlook IMAP Exchange 2013 OST to PST?” If you are new to this and stuck in the middle of the situation, then no need to worry anymore. The article is written so that one will get the appropriate solution with the help of which a desired user can easily move Outlook IMAP Exchange 2013 OST file into PST format. Moreover, the section will help to understand the difference between OST and PST.

As everyone already knows that number of internet users are increasing day by day. In addition, most of the users connected with the organization are quite aware of the email client “Microsoft Outlook”. It is considered one of the important and essential email application that plays vital role in every type of organization. Many users prefer Outlook for communicating with others due to work efficiency in the absence of network connectivity. The disconnected data will then save it in Offline Storage Table i.e. OST that cannot accessible without Exchange Server. One can say OST can be called as a local copy of Exchange mailbox. It contains the entire database of Exchange Server.

PST on the other side stands for Personal Storage Table that are also known as personal files and not created by Exchange Server/Outlook. However, such files are created manually by the users to store personal email files and other information such as contacts, notes, journals, calendar etc. Moreover, these files can stored on any location in the desktop, thus, a user always have a backup copy of PST files on the computer. In addition, the space increases and improved in PST file with every new Outlook edition.

Why to Migrate IMAP Exchange OST file to PST?

Before starting the migration of OST to PST, let us understand why to move IMAP Exchange 2013 OST to PST.

  • When the event of data loss is associated with Exchange Server, then it can be controlled by performing OST to PST conversion.
  • If Exchange Server crashed due to reason such as software failure, virus attack, power failure etc. In such case, OST file data will then recovered in PST format.
  • During Exchange Server downtime, if anyone wants to access emails of OST, then it can be done by converting OST to PST.

How to Move Outlook IMAP Exchange 2013 OST to PST?

There are two methods available for OST to PST migration, one is manual technique and other one is third party OST to PST Tool.

Method 1. Migrate OST File to PST Manually

Follow the steps and move OST folder to PST manually:

  1. Run Outlook email client application on the system.
  2. Go to File, choose Import, and Export option from the list appearing.
  3. Select Export to a File and press Next button.
  4. Choose file type that you want to create. Here, we are moving OST data into PST file, then select “Personal Folder File (.pst)”. Click Next.
  5. Set the location to save PST folder and select the option “Allow Duplicate Items to be Created” and hit Finish.
  6. Now, the screen will ask to verify credentials, i.e. username and password. Fill the desired details in the boxes and click OK.

The process will start immediately and complete it in few seconds. Moreover, it is suitable for few OST files to PST conversion. If you try to perform bulk process, then there are chances of data loss.

Method 2. OST to PST – Automated & Reliable Tool

If you do not want to use manual method to move IMAP Exchange 2013 OST file, then you can try secure and trouble-free OST to PST Converter. The application is simple with user-friendly GUI so that all type of users can use it and effortlessly move IMAP Exchange 2013 OST to PST.

It is a smart and secure utility for batch OST to PST migration with emails, contacts, calendar and other attached folders. Moreover, it does not matter if Exchange Server gone to non-functional stage or dismounting or you are thinking to move Exchange data, then Softweak OST Converter works perfectly in this situation. All the data will accurately move from OST to PST with exact folder structure and email formatting properties. All editions of Exchange Server and MS Outlook is supported by the application.

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