How to identify real online surveys that pay cash?

How to identify real online surveys that pay cash?

The internet can be a very tricky place; it can be very hard to find a genuine website where you can take online surveys that pay cash. Taking online surveys that pay cash can be a very lucrative side business but you have to keep your eyes and ears open s you could easily get redirected to a fake website. Telling the difference between a real website and a fake one is not easy, so in this article, we talk about the characteristics of both real and fake websites so that it is easy for you to distinguish.

Genuine Online Survey Website
They are run by actual market research companies and are dependable
The user registration information is not generally sold.
The data that you as a panelist provide is used for market research purposes.
You will be able to contact the research company easily
The panelist is not bugged by the online form. You will not be asked to sign up with additional online survey companies and nor will other offers come to you.
You will not be asked to furnish credit card information,
The rewards in regard to survey compensation are fair and believable.
The company background information can usually be found on the website.
The client lists and information from previous online studies will be listed on the website
Things like privacy policies, usage terms, BBB approval, TRUSTe seals Habeas mail seals are common on these websites.

Fake Online Survey Website
These websites are normally run by marketing or online lead generation companies
The user information is often sold away to third parties.
The user will be asked to register for multiple offers and online survey companies
The user will at times be asked for credit card information
The user will be rewarded for registering for multiple offers.
As a direct result for registering with offers, the user is beset with SPAM.
The company cannot be contacted so easily.
The website of the company will make tall and unreasonable claims like rewards like free vacations, products as well as huge sums of cash.
There is very limited information on the websites
It is very difficult to know actually who is running the website.
Among the policies of the website, only a privacy policy is visible

So as you can see, it is very difficult to distinguish between a real online survey and a fake online survey. However, there is hope. Sites like are hugely popular with the general populace because they offer genuine online surveys that you can complete to earn cash. All the surveys available on Reward Eagle are verified and trusted online surveys. All you have to do is to log in and select the survey that you intend to complete and at the end of the survey, you will see that there is a cash reward for completing the survey. These surveys make it easy for an individual to earn decent money from the comfort of the home. Reward Eagle should be your one-stop solution for completing online surveys for cash.

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