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3 Attentions of Choose the Right Baby T-shirt in Summer

Nowadays, there are many types of T-shirts. So, how to choose children's T-shirts among many T-shirts? We are baby t-shirts wholesale, let us help you choose the right T-shirt!

In the hot summer, what clothes do you wear most often? Of course it's a T-shirt! As simple and comfortable children's clothing, T-shirts are the best choice for mothers to choose summer clothing for their babies! Nowadays, there are many types of T-shirts. So, how to choose children's T-shirts among many T-shirts? We are baby t-shirts wholesale, let us help you choose the right T-shirt!

  1. Attention Should be Paid to the Fabric of the T-shirt

    In the midsummer season, the sun is shining and children like to run around, so smooth and breathable is the basic requirement of many parents for T-shirt fabrics. Generally, it is best to choose a cotton blend fabric. The cotton blended fabric has very high elasticity and abrasion resistance in both dry and humid environments. After mixing, the shrinkage of the cotton fabric is avoided. The cotton blended fabric is dimensionally stable, has a small shrinkage rate, and has many advantages, such as easy washing, fast-drying and not easy to wrinkle. Clothes made of cotton blended fabrics are soft and comfortable, can be worn on the body, and have good skin-friendly properties. This kind of fabric is not suitable for outdoor sports, but more suitable for wearing at home.


    In life, not only the older generation, but many parents and adults are also affected by this inherent view and believe that pure cotton clothing is the most comfortable. Although cotton is comfortable and has strong perspiration absorption, it has poor perspiration wicking performance. Cotton clothes will quickly absorb sweat into the clothes, but clothes will absorb a lot of water, and sportswear will become heavier and heavier. it is easy to make you catch a cold, so it is not suitable for activities involving going out, so it is more suitable for use at home.

    Mom can touch the fabric with her hands when buying a T-shirt. They should feel fine, smooth, comfortable and skin-friendly. It should be noted that although some T-shirts feel smooth, they are not delicate. Please note that these products will feel very hard after passing through the West, so please do not buy such products. Also pay attention to the problem of fading. If the fabric of a dark T-shirt has insufficient color fastness, it is prone to fading problems. If the fading is severe, it will be harmful to the skin. Therefore, please choose a store that has a brand guarantee or can return or exchange products.

  2. Pay Attention to the Details of the T-shirt

    • Printing is one of the details:

      when buying a T-shirt, you can pull the printing position to see if there are cracks. A good print is firmer and won't fall after one or two pulls.
    • The neckline is the second detail:

      you can pay more attention to the neckline when buying a T-shirt. It is best to choose thread-woven, nylon is best to give up. Generally, the neckline with the hemming design will be more wear-resistant and washable. The high-quality hemming is sewn smoothly and is more comfortable to wear.
    • The routing is the third detail:

      a good T-shirt, the routing is complete, not loose, pinholes are fine, smooth .
  3. Pay Attention to Size Issues

    This is an easy to ignore detail. Many people are too big or too small because they cannot grasp the size. Generally, if the bust size of T-shirts is too large, it does not affect it, but the difference between the shoulder width and the length of the clothes is too large, which is not suitable.

    It is recommended that mothers measure their baby's body size first, and then buy clothes to prevent buying inappropriate clothes, which not only makes the baby wear inappropriate but also wastes the money!


Finally, a good T-shirt, the first is the feel, and the second is comfortable to wear. In addition to paying more attention to fabrics, sizes and details, you should also pay more attention to the quality of the clothes to prevent the purchase of inferior products and prevent harm to your baby.


Our baby t-shirts use the best fabrics. They are all made of cotton blends. When the baby wears our T-shirts, it will be very comfortable, so there is no need to worry about our quality problems. In order for your baby to wear fashionable and comfortable T-shirts in summer, browse our wholesale baby T-shirts now and choose comfortable T-shirts for your baby. I hope that the experience of how to choose summer T-shirts shared above can help you, and I hope you can buy comfortable and fashionable T-shirts for your baby.


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