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3 Maintenance Tips to Avoid a Trip to Furnace Repairs in Vancouver

Waking up in the middle of a freezing night is an absolute nightmare for anyone. And it gets even worse when you find out that your furnace is not working.

Waking up in the middle of a freezing night is an absolute nightmare for anyone. And it gets even worse when you find out that your furnace is not working. 

Furnace repair is not some rocket science. With a little knowledge and do-it-yourself experience, you can troubleshoot your furnace yourself. However, it is always recommended to have a maintenance checklist with you so that when you call a furnace repair in Vancouver they can have a look at the history of your furnace and how often it has been repaired. The maintenance record would come in handy for you too when you would be repairing the furnace. 

So to start off you need to understand the types of furnaces. Furnaces are generally divided into two categories:

  • Conventional gas furnaces
  • High-efficiency gas furnaces

The difference between these two types of gas furnaces lies primarily in the output of the furnaces. Conventional gas furnaces convert 80% of the energy into heat while high-efficiency gas furnaces convert 90-97% of the energy into heat. So the high-efficiency has furnaces use less fuel but they can be quite costly to repair. A visit to a furnace repair shop in Vancouver can cost around $3,000-$5,000. 

Thus it is better to fix the basic problems of a furnace by yourself rather than visiting a furnace repair in Vancouver. 

Make sure your thermostat is on

This may sound silly but you must always ensure that the thermostat is set to heat settings and the temperature of the thermostat is set to five degrees more than the normal room temperature. Here are the steps to check your thermostat:

Step 1 check the batteries of your thermostat. Most modern-day thermostats run on batteries and require a battery change at least once a year. The batteries may also be changed more than once if needed. If the thermostat requires a battery change then it will display a low battery symbol. This is your cue to get the batteries replaced. 

Step 2 check for any debris or dust in the thermostat. Open the thermostat and blow away the dust using a blower on mild settings. Beware to not use high blower settings.

Step 3 check the breaker of the furnace. If the breaker of the furnace is turned on make sure to turn it off first and then check the fuse. 

Check for clogged filters

Most people complain that their thermostat is not producing enough heat. This is quite different from a furnace that has stopped working altogether. In the latter case you need to call a furnace repair in Vancouver. But if you have problem with the amount of heat your furnace is dissipating then you can check for clogged filters

Step 1 spot the filter. Most thermostats have their filter fited at the intake itself while in some other furnaces the filter in inside the furnace. 

Step 2 check your filter by holding it against direct sunlight. If the filter allows some amount of light to pass through then it is okay but if no light passes through the filter then it needs to be replaced. 

Step 3 replace your filter. Turn off your furnace while replacing the filter. Make sure that the filter is air tight and no air is coming out of the furnace. Also make ure that the filter is not fitted upside down. Doing so would reduce the effectiveness of the filter. 

Keep the area around your furnace clean

In most instances of furnace repair in Vancouver maintenance workers found out that the area around the furnaces is cluttered with various objects that are no longer used by the homeowners. People tend to store such items in their basements thus cluttering the area around the furnace with debris. This can be harmful as this might lead to chemical reactions and release of poisonous gases through the furnace. 

Make sure that there are no flammable substances near your furnace. They can cause fire and damage to your property. 

These are some of the tips to ensure durability and efficiency of your furnace system. In addition to these tips your furnace system needs regular maintenance too. Click here to know more about repair and maintenance of furnaces in Vancouver.

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