Big Data Security Issues for 2020

Big Data Security Issues for 2020

Keep Big data security at low priority or even keeping it for late stages isn’t a smart move. However, ensuring big data security comes with a lot of challenges, which is why it is important to get familiar with them.

As the snowball of Bag Data hastening down a hill gaining momentum and mass, many companies are trying hard to keep up with it. And as they proceed, they are completely forgetting to get the safety measures e.i masks, gloves, helmets, and skis as well. If you are forgetting these measures it is going to be hard to make it down in one piece. And putting these precautions at high momentum can also to dangerous and difficult as well.   

Keep Big data security at low priority or even keeping it for late stages isn’t a smart move. However, ensuring big data security comes with a lot of challenges, which is why it is important to get familiar with them.   

Practices for managing Big Data(Security Perspective)

Big data is a moderately new concept so you can say that there is a list of best practices that are widely acknowledged by security alliance. Although, there are a few recommendations that we can apply to our big data mechanism.  

  • Examine Your Cloud Providers

If you are one of those companies that are using cloud facilities to store their big data, make sure that your provider has sufficient protection measurements. If possible check your provider’s periodic security audits and agreed to the penalties in case adequate security standards aren’t satisfied. 

  • Gaurd your data

Both analytical and raw data should be well protected. Encryption should be used respectively to assure no sensitive data is leaked. 

  • Secure your Communication

Data need to be also monitored and protected while it’s in transition make sure its confidentiality and integrity. 

Accessible data should be monitored. Threat intelligence should be used to prevent unauthorized access to data. 

7 Big Data Security Issues

Here are the 7 Big Data security issues or challenges that are faced by many organizations. 

  • Programmed data transfer requires supplementary measures, which aren’t often available.

  • Most shared system’s computations have only one layer of protection, which is not enough.

  • Connection security and access control encryption can become outdated and inaccessible to IT experts who are completely relying on it. 

  • Nonrational databases are frequently evolving, that are making security solution to keep with the demand.

  •  Recommended detailed audits are not performed in a routine on Big Data.

  • Because of the size of Big Data, its foundations are not consistently monitored.

  • When a system stuffed with a large amount of data, it should be authorized to remain protected, trustworthy and accurate. However, this practice is seen in many organizations.  

How can we Improve Big Data Security

Cloud computing authorities believe that the feasible way to improve Big Data security is to expand the anti-virus industry.  The abundance of antivirus vendors will provide a variety of solutions and providing better defense against Big Data security threats.

Revivingly, the antivirus industry is often praised for its ingenuousness. Antivirus software providers freely exchange information about ongoing Data security threats. And these organizations often work together to work out with new malicious software threats, to provide maximum gain in the security industry. 

Here are a few recommended ways to strengthen Big Data Security. 

  • Prefer software security rather than device security.

  • Detach devices or servers that contain sensitive data.

  • Include real-time security information and event management. 

  • Render reactive and proactive security. 


Though there are many Big Data security issues and concerns. And yes, they can quite compelling. But it does not mean that you should never cross path with it or curse it. What you should do is, deliberately design your Big Data selection plan remembering to put security to the place it justifies. Now, this may be a tricky thing to do, but you can always resort to professional Big Data consulting to create the solution you need.

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