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4 Amazing Ways to Make Your Sofa Look More Luxurious

Couches are everywhere in your house, in your friend’s and family’s homes. They are functional and affordable that makes them a staple when purchasing a room make-over.

A sofa behind your bed or in your living room is one of the important pieces of furniture where you kick your feet up after a long day at work, watching TV, playing games, and many others. But daily use of this furniture can take its toll.

After some years of buying your sofa, it can be condensed to a lumpy, faded eyesore. It is ideal to find a reliable slipcover manufacturer for buying a high-quality Kivik sofa cover, chair cover, cushion cover, and many others to give an enhanced look to your sofa. Below, I’m going to share some tips that you can use for making your sofa look more luxurious.

1. Tone on Tone

The first and one of the most effective tips that you can do for setting up a good foundation of your sofa by ensuring what’s behind the sofa goes well with it. One of the most effective methods to go with tone on tone, a type of interior design term that will help in describing the backdrop and the furniture in a similar color palette and brightness.

It may sound simple but does wonder for many spaces. It helps to make your space look cohesive by diminishing the contrast but letting the texture shine. Another thing that tone-on-tone does is to make your sofa recede instead of advance.

2. Upgrade Sofa Cover

When you think about making something look better, you would be the first to look at the most space or surface, because you know changing that will make the most impact. For a sofa, this is the upholstery fabric.  So, one of the amazing ways to make your sofa look expensive is to consider changing the sofa cover. For this, you should choose a sofa cover that will also work perfectly for your living room and bedroom interior. So, always find a sofa cover with better color and texture.

3. Dress Up With Pillows and Throws

After setting a good foundation or backdrop, you should add jewelry décor. It is a cost-effective way for adding an expensive look to your sofa. You can add expensive-looking pillows and throw blankets on the couch for adding more coziness and enhancing the style.

One of the best things about pillows and throws is that they will cover a lot of the sofa upholstery. If you don’t want to reupholster or upgrade your sofa cover, you can drape a beautiful throw over your couch. You can also add some pretty pillows with varying textures for adding more elegance to your couch.

4. Upgrade Sofa Legs

Leg to a sofa is like jewelry and it is a fabulous touch to being up to your sofa a notch. The legs of the sofa mainly serve two purposes, including it helps to elevate the sofa by raising it up from the floor. It also helps to makes your sofa look less bulky and make your space look open and airy. It also adds a sense of style by its shape and material.

 You should always remember sofa legs may not work for every type of sofa. If your sofa covers are completely covered by the slipcover, it might not be worth the investment.


These are some important things that you can consider for upgrading the look of your sofa and giving it a luxurious look. You can find one of the best custom slipcover manufacturers for buying high-quality Kivik sofa cover, chair cover, cushion cover, curtain, and many others.

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