4 Things to Know about a Local Prayer Time Reminder App

Have you heard a lot of things about CIDAC app and decided to use it? Then, you should know these things.

Have you missed a prayer just because you are new to the locality and not aware of the local prayer time? No more you need to worry about this. Why? It is because now, you can know the time for Fajr, Asar or Isha easily with CIDAC app. Designed to meet the needs of Muslims, it is an exclusive app that lowers your worries about local prayer times.

However, it is not all. Unless you have this local prayer time reminder app, you could not understand how many ways you will be benefitted of these. But before all that, you need to know a few important things about this new-age app. Here are these -

  1. You can download it from App and Google Play Store

The first step of using CIDAC is to download and install it. Do you have an Android or iOS device? Based on the kind of device you use, you can download this app from Google Play Store or App Store. To do so, type "CIDAC" in the search bar and go through the results. There you will find CIDAC, Canadian Islamic Dar Alfatwa Centre app. Click on download and then install it.

  1. You need to turn on the location option from your device

To use CIDAC properly and get an accurate result, you need to turn on the location option from your smart device. The local prayer time can vary based on whether you live in Northern Canada, western Canada, in the central part, or somewhere else. Besides, other results can also differ. When the location will be on, the app will offer you an accurate result.

  1. Know the announcements easily

You will get all the Canadian Dar Alfatwa Centre Announcements in the city. Whether it is events for the Muslim community, updates on projects accomplished in the city or even death announcements and where the funeral will take place, you will get to know about all the latest updates with this app without stepping out of your home.

  1. Listen to radio

Looking for an Islamic radio app in Canada? Your quest will end at CIDAC. With this, you can listen to the Islamic radio of Quran and lectures. Besides, you will be notified if there is a live lecture or meeting with an Islamic scholar for a certain subject.

You could also get answers to Shariah questions, know about local community businesses, donate for a reason, know about local Mosque and Masjid, and the pillars of Islam, etc. You can also communicate with the scholars when required. Would you like to enjoy the benefits and know more about this app? Download CIDAC now!

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