Mezuzah prayer

Mezuzah Prayer- Magical Reminder of Who We Serve

Among all the Jewish signs and symbols, the mezuzah prayer is seen explicitly as a medium to uplift ourselves spiritually.


Among all the Jewish signs and symbols, the mezuzah prayer is seen explicitly as a medium to uplift ourselves spiritually.

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The Jewish families have a lot of rituals and traditions to follow at times, especially related to one’s. You may come across some mundane things with some strings hanging out and having a mezuzah cover glued to the house's doorpost.

Mezuzah- What makes it the most prominent sign in Jewish culture?

Among all the religious materials in the Jewish faith, such as tefillin, tallit, and a kippah, the mezuzah is one parchment carrying spiritual and religious benefits that come along with the inscribed verses from Deuteronomy.

The Jewish homeowners in Egypt used to mark their front doors with the blood of a sacrificed lamb. This was taken as a sign for the Angel of Death to pass the house from the entrance itself. Then, it was substituted with the tradition to use the mezuzah amulet as a spiritual sign.

The mezuzah prayer law calls for guidelines to ensure its proper placement at the doorpost of Jewish homes. These hand-written parchments are protected inside a mezuzah cover before mounting it on the doorpost. The mezuzah cases are readily available online in gorgeous ceramic, stone, and silver works of art to adorn the entrance of your home while ensuring its protection.

Mezuzah facts: True or still a fiction?

Perfect angle to maintain while hanging

The early Rabbis used to suggest that the mezuzah must be attached vertically. There were many arguments for and against horizontal or even vertical placement. Then a compromise was reached upon, where with time, the tradition came out to place it in the slant direction.

Are Mezuzahs a sign of good luck?

There are many assumptions on the presence of mezuzah taken as a sign of charm and luck, which are yet to be confirmed. Some people believe that the mezuzah scrolls carry amuletic features, making their presence secure from the known 'Evil Eye.' Make sure you bring only kosher mezuzahs to establish a direct relationship between luck and security with the holy mezuzah. The fact isn’t fiction, as there is ample evidence stating strength, salvation, and luck brought in by the holy mezuzah.

Now is the time to bring in perfect fit mezuzah for your house

The Jew culture is highly recognized with its incredible collection of mezuzahs and motifs. With outstanding stock available online for delivery, now you can present a wonderful housewarming or Jewish wedding gift. Check out the massive range of Mezuzah cover styles available in different materials and exciting color panels.

A brilliant way to add personal style to rich Judaica collection

Whether you are shopping for yourself or someone else, make sure you bring in a classic touch in the Mezuzah collection by selecting neutral colors. Let your beautiful present be a blessing for the recipients’ home décor. The splendid design collection is taking the whole world by storm. You can match up anything and everything with warm and golden tones in stone mezuzah cases.

Add the Holy Mezuzah to any home- any room!

The tradition doesn't have to be followed word-by-word. This is the time to pay respect to a common Jewish tradition of marking the doorposts with the holy mezuzah. Your one sheer effort can help keep the Jewish traditions alive by setting up examples for the next generation. When it comes to decorating your home to make it look modern and stylish, you can start with the basic addition of the mezuzah blessing today.

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