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4 Useful Small Manhattan Apartment Remodeling Tips

Want small apartment remodeling in Manhattan? Renovating a small apartment gives you a unique opportunity to create a dreamlike space you love while adding value to your lifetime investment.

Want small apartment remodeling in Manhattan? Renovating a small apartment gives you a unique opportunity to create a dreamlike space you love while adding value to your lifetime investment. It’s obvious that small apartment has limited space; but you never the shortage of space become a hindrance on what you want to achieve.

All you need to do is to rely on professional apartment remodeling contractors in Manhattan. Let their innovative and crafty ideas allow you create a comfy and stylish apartment space that you dream of all the while. Take inspirational ideas on apartment remodeling in Manhattan discussed below.

1. Bring in the light.

Getting enough light in a small apartment seems like a challenge; but you can consider classy ideas and use unique ways to maximize the amount of light inside.  

  • First of all, knock down the wall facing a beautiful view and install a floor to ceiling window. Remember that, large size windows add a luxury feel to every home and illuminate space with additional natural light.
  • When it comes to adding windows, you should install a window on the ceiling to allow more light inside. Consider sunroofs that will allow you stargaze from the comfort of your home.
  • Using a fresh paint color can allow light inside. But the color of the paint really matters while lighting up the space. Instead of going for darker colors, opt for white or pastel color for walls to reflect natural light and make your room appear much bigger and brighter.

2. Focus on storage space.

Storage space is a challenge for small apartment owners as they have limited area available. If you’re looking to create an apartment of your dream, it’ll never feel comfortable with clutter.

Even, most home buyers keen about the storage area in an apartment when it’s for resale. Hence, you should think about innovative ways to maximize the storage while leaving the apartment looking spacious.

  • Add floating shelves to the walls for the storage of decorative and small items that make your room appear messy.
  • Install wall-mount storage in the kitchen so that you can hang your cookware while freeing up the space in the kitchen cabinets for other things during your small apartment kitchen remodel.
  • When it comes to apartment kitchen remodel project, invest in kitchen cabinets to maximize the storage space. You should buy cabinets that are ready to assemble for a small kitchen so that you can custom-design them easily as per your preferences and space requirements. Generally, they’re highly affordable and durable.

3. Create the space appear much bigger.

While renovating a small apartment, you should work on making the space appear much bigger and spacious. There are a few ways you can achieve your goal:

  • Use the same floor tiles in the bathroom so that the shower blends effortlessly, allowing the room appears much bigger.
  • Lose the door to install a transparent glass slab in the bath space.
  • Invest in pullout tray tables so that you can slide out when needed and tuck it back when it’s not used.
  • Use the floor diagonally so that you can see the broadest part of the patterns as soon as you enter room. It’ll make the room appear longer.

4. Create a loft.

When you create a loft in an apartment, it will save you more space even if the apartment is small. Now it’s the modern thing in the small apartments. Incorporating a loft while apartment remodeling in Manhattan allows you save on space and add an extra room.

Do you’ve high ceilings and permits? If yes, you should create a loft above the living area to use it as a storage space for your books. You can add it in your kid’s bedroom, making it a place for guests or a space to store their toys.

Final Consideration –

Small apartment renovation can be bit challenging. With proper planning and budget, you can get your apartment renovation project done with a breeze. Whether you’re thinking of apartment bathroom renovation or apartment kitchen remodel, you should always rely on MyHome Design & Remodeling team.

We are available to provide you with an estimate on apartment remodel cost or apartment kitchen remodel cost. Our expert remodelers have their innovative minds in action to bring out the creative side with unique ideas and suggestions.

For more information about our apartment kitchen and bathroom renovation project, feel free to contact us as soon as possible at +1-877-615-1177. We’ll get back to you right away with your free design estimate.

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