Athena EHR review

5 Amazing Features in Athenahealth EHR, Rated by Customers!

Considering to invest in Athenahealth EHR? Read our detailed Athena EHR review that highlights the best features of the system as rated by customers like you!

Athenahealth EHR 

Athenahealth EHR is an award winning medical software that prides itself on being the industry disruptor. The system’s success can be gauged from the high volume of its clientele. The company has a network of over 160,000 clients that further caters to 117 million patients. One important thing to note in this Athena EHR reviews is that it is the largest medical software provider in terms of employee headcount - more than 6,000 workers are employed. 


Currently, 5 variants of the system are offered. These are AthenaCollector, AthenaCoordinator, AthenaClarity, AthenaClinicals, and AthenaCommunicator. Each of these 5 variants have been developed to increase the performance and efficiency of a particular function. The review highlights the top features of the system as rated by its customers. 

Top-rated features of Athenahealth EHR 

User-friendly interface 

Hands down the most loved feature of the system is that it has an easy-to-use yet modern looking interface. The dashboard in a glance shows important information to users, like scheduled appointments, analytical reports and any pending dues. It is relatively easier to navigate through the dashboard without multiple clicks. The dashboard is user-friendly to the extent that it can easily be understood and taught, even to individuals who are not tech savvy. Additionally, the software offers meaningful suggestions along the way so that users can generate maximum benefit from the medical system. The dashboard is also customizable as per the requirements and preferences of users. The latter can define text shortcuts and drop down menus can be integrated in the system to quickly access information. 

Responsive to customer needs and queries 

One major reason why 160,000 facilities put their trust in the system is because it is responsive to their problems and wishes. Customer service is available both online and over the phone to provide support. Some have reported that their customer service representative may not always know the answer right off the bat but remain connected to you until and unless a solution to the query is found. Each client is designated a specific contact person that reviews their queries on a weekly and monthly basis. Moreover, the company welcomes suggestions from clients and makes it a priority to offer those if consistent with their company goals and plans.  

Accessible everywhere 

Another repeated feature in Athena EHR reviews by customers is that it is accessible anywhere and everywhere. Clients love that they are able to save on expensive hardware since the system is cloud-based and can be accessed from any device. The system does not need to be installed in a new device and the system can be used by inputting a user’s login ID and password. Since the system is accessible everywhere, it works tremendously when providing remote care to the elderly, people living in rural areas or those adversely affected by lockdowns due to Covid-19.

Oranganizes intensive information 

The system excels in systematically organising large volumes of information. To help make the process of going paperless easier, an in-built scanner scans patient charts and records and saves them in a digital format. The system has a central EHR database that stores all medical records, images and important documents. Patient information is updated in real time and easily shared with other specialists, pharmacies or laboratories. Many users find that their work day goes by smoothly since they do not need to look in multiple places for information. With Athena EHR, all information can be accessed from one sole database.

Engaging patient portal 

Many users of the system find the patient portal to be extremely useful. Through the portal, patients can book appointments of their liking. Hence, reducing the occurrences of no-shows and late comers. Patients can also directly communicate with doctors and can share any side effects to medicines, progress of their treatments and share any of their concerns with doctors in a swift and secure manner. The portal also allows patients to pay for services online through credit and debit cards. This saves time on the actual appointment date and automates the process of payments. 

In a nutshell..

Athenahealth EHR is a well-recognized name in the industry and rightly so since it hosts a number of advanced features. This Athena EHR reviews highlighted the top features of the system as rated by its customers. Clients were greatly fond of the system’s user-friendly interface as well as how quickly and diligently the software provider was when responding to queries and suggestions. The system is cloud-based which makes the system accessible from any part of the world and that too through any device. Additionally, Athenahealth organises intensive information and features an engaging patient portal. We are hopeful that we made your decision to invest in Athenahealth a whole lot easier.

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