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The Best EHR Software For Ophthalmology

If you want a demo of RevolutionEHR or any other Ophthalmology Ehr software tutorials, you can visit Software Finder. You can also look for reviews to help you make a better decision.

What is ophthalmology? 

Ophthalmology is a brand of medicine that deals with eye problems. All sorts of eye infections, Vision problems, Eye surgery, and other eye-related issues are taken care of by Ophthalmologists no matter how complex or simple the issue is. 

What features should a good ophthalmology software have? 

To understand and figure out the best EHR software for Ophthalmology, we need to first understand what really makes any EHR software a good one for this particular field. To do that we need to have an idea about the features that ophthalmologists require. Some of the good ophthalmology ehr software features are:

  • Eye graphics

  • Ophthalmology templates

  • Eye care device integration

  • Customizable CPT triggers

  • Documents and Image management

  • Drawing tool

  • Auto coding engine 


These are some of the major features that an ophthalmology specific EHR should have. All these features have their unique purpose which benefits the doctor in its way. Eye graphics will help him identify the patients’ condition better because of the visual representation. This way he will be making decisions faster and better. It should also be able to recommend prescriptions and CPT codes.


Moreover, it should offer customizable Ophthalmology specific templates for all kinds of conditions. Built-in templates for glaucoma, retina surgery, and other conditions can be a very useful tool to have. Customizable care plans can also be extremely useful for this particular field and I think it would benefit ophthalmologists a lot. 


Eye care device integration is a very important feature for ophthalmologists. Integration with ophthalmology diagnostic tools. This plays a major role in increasing efficiency at the workplace and also increases productivity. Furthermore, Document and image management is also a very essential feature along with an auto coding engine.  


It’s also super important to have strong imaging and drawing features for an ophthalmology software. Other features that are not Ophthalmology specific are also required in this field. Automated reminders to keep your health in check, E prescriptions, Online scheduling, Automated referral letters, Access to Historical exam data, and flexible data entry. 


All of the above-mentioned features will help an ophthalmologist increase efficiency and productivity rapidly. It will help him save time, do his job better, less clutter as no paperwork. He wouldn’t have to go through the hassle of looking for the correct files because they will be a click away. Automated reminders will help the patient to keep his health better and it will also help him stay motivated. Patients can also easily communicate with their doctors at any time. Doctors and patients can access the records any time and will be able to track progress better with all the data right in front of you.


Best Ophthalmology EHR software and why?

The questions that arise after all are which EHR software has all these features and provides excellent services to its customers? What EHR software will be the best choice for ophthalmologists? Or is there any EHR software that has all the features that we have mentioned earlier? The best and the most well known EMR software for Ophthalmology is RevolutionEHR.


Revolution EHR was established in 2006 and has been providing excellent services to its customers. It is a cloud-based software platform for your practices. This means that you can access it from anywhere in the world. You can look for previous records and can track your patients’ progress details from wherever you want. 

RevolutionEHR software is recommended by many healthcare providers and it has been the best in the game. This EMR software promises you increased efficiency and production, ease of use, and great opportunities to make your work more interesting and simple. They provide their customers with extremely helpful customer services. It’s well suited for all kinds of practices whether it’s in a single location or multi-location 

RevolutionEHR has all the features that we have mentioned above. It offers customizable exam encounters, customizable test findings, instant invoice creation-no super bills, flexible data entry, and all the features that a good ophthalmology software has. 


Now coming on to the next step which is ophthalmology ehr software pricing. RevolutionEHR gives its customers two options. Customers get to choose between a monthly subscription fee or a one-time setup fee. The monthly fee is based on the number of doctors in your practice.


If you want a demo of RevolutionEHR or any other Ophthalmology Ehr software tutorials, you can visit Software Finder. You can also look for reviews to help you make a better decision.

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