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Top EMR Software for Pain Management Practice

These days there are so many EMR software that you can choose from. In this piece we will be talking about some of the top EMR which are specifically pain management EMR that you can choose from to help you in running your practice!


DrChrono is a popular EMR option and works well as a pain management EMR as well. The integration feature in this software allows you to integrate any other software you use in your practice with it; from your billing software to your practice management software! 


The next software we want to talk about is RXNT which also happens to be a very popular EHR. This software has a great user interface and dashboard which make it very easy to navigate through it so that you can find features you need very easily. This helps reduce the learning curve that is often associated with a new software. 


NextGen is also a great pain management EMR and has various features which suit a pain management practice well. The feature we want to tell you about is the patient portal that allows patients to log in to a portal where they can manage their own profiles and more. Patients can schedule their own appointments, keep track of upcoming appointments and more! 


AdvancedMD is another top EMR we would like to tell you about. This software is cloud based hence you can easily use it without any issue from anywhere in the world. You can access the software through a web based feature and easily use it without facing any issues. 

EpicCare EMR

The last software in our list for pain management EMR is EpicCare and this software has a very helpful telemedicine feature which enables you to make virtual video conferencing appointments with patients so they do not have to come in and can attend them from the comfort of their own homes. 


Which Software Should You Choose? 

We suggest choosing whichever software fits your needs best. While all of these do happen to be the best pain management EMR we recommend asking the vendor for a demo of the software before you make a final commitment.

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