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Top Urgentcare EMR Software 2021

An Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system provides a digitized version of a patient’s medical records and history. Not only that but it allows information to be shared between different healthcare faculties to save time, reduce errors and extend convenience for patients. 

What Is An EMR Software And Why Do I Need One? 

An Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system provides a digitized version of a patient’s medical records and history. Not only that but it allows information to be shared between different healthcare faculties to save time, reduce errors and extend convenience for patients. 


Vulnerabilities of today because of Covid-19 has reinforced why a competent EMR system is needed, particularly in urgent care and emergency rooms. EMRs designed specifically for the latter provide swift and error-free exchange of information, limit costs incurred by hospitals and clinics and deliver prompt care to those needed.

Best EMR Softwares For Urgent Care 

Docutap EMR 

A personal favorite, Docutap EMR is cloud based and compatible to be used on different screens. This EMR combines the benefits of both practise management and revenue management cycle to ensure you get the best of both worlds. The user friendly interface ensures that even visiting medics can quickly get hands on with the technology. Docutap EMR allows patients check-ins, manages queues, verifies insurance and generates receipts of the services and treatments provided. The patient portal is of great use as it allows patients to view their appointments, engage with doctors and administration and view their expenses. Advanced tools of docutap EMR monitors patient demographics and analyses them with a series of different deliverables for research and reporting purposes.


This EMR software is a recognized name in the industry because of its powerful scheduling and analytical tools. AdvancedMD allows medical professionals to view and manage patient appointments, review weekly/monthly agendas and assign relevant doctors or tests based on defined criteria. The informative dashboard may appear a little daunting at first sight but the variety of reports and comparative graphs provides key insights into industry trends and management of inhouse inventory. One feature that stands out is the addition of clinical notes. So for instance, a nurse can add important notes while carrying out tests on a patient and the same will be available real-time to corresponding doctors. Individual patient profile allows medics to view complete details of a patient’s underlying diseases, allergies and insurance coverage among other features. 

NextGen Healthcare 

The next EMR software in our list has proven to be a gamechanger, especially for small scale medical facilities. Installing and using an EMR, no matter how user friendly, requires some learning and getting used to. What makes NextGen Healthcare a strong contender is that it features award winning customer service and provides training to its users completely costfree. This EMR software allows both medical staff and patients to schedule appointments through a few clicks. Automated reminders near and on appointment dates is an impressive feature and you decide the medium through which these reminders are sent. One major selling point of NextGen Healthcare is that it offers its EMR in three different price plans - something in store for everyone. It also offers different price plans for doctors and nurses.

Greenway Health – Intergy EMR

Greenway Health offers an integrated electronic medical record and practise management software known as Intergy EMR to members of the medical field. This EMR has bagged laurels for the company due to the customization that it offers. It provides new and easy-to-understand methods for routine tasks. One powerful tool of this EMR is e-prescribing and lab features that allows a medical professional to view existing and previous medications and treatments. Additionally, doctors can refill medications with a tap and prescribe new ones. This system also suggests doctors with recommended medicines on the basis of past diseases and treatments. The icing on the cake is a feature through which Intergy can highlight medications that may cause harmful reactions because ingredients are not compliant with a patient’s allergies.


As the name suggests, this EMR system is truly epic. The latter is cloud-based and hence, can  be accessed from anywhere in the world. The developers describe the software as an amalgamation of practise management with a patient portal. The unique selling point of Epic is that it can store detailed medical records of numerous patients. Along with scheduling appointments, adding clinical notes and prescribing medicines, Epic provides a comprehensive billing mechanism that provides real-time expenses of appointments and treatments to patients.

Which EMR Should I Invest In For Urgent Care? 

All EMR softwares mentioned are winners and will enable you to work swiftly and error free in emergency situations. While docutap EMR Software provides a one stop shop solution, NextGen Healthcare provides impressive features below average industry costs. At the end, your decision for choosing an EMR software for urgent care should depend upon easy navigation, budget, cost of training, patient convenience and level of adaptability. An EMR system that may be preferred by most of your competitors may not work for you - so choose wisely, keeping in mind your institution.

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