5 Best Social Media Marketing Tools For eCommerce Business

Ecommerce businesses are having their own set of fans. Being in high demand, they have now chosen social media to expand their business and improve their visibility online.

However, social media marketing for an ecommerce business is not so easy. Marketers often face hurdles while marketing their products online and gaining a social presence.

Guys, are you new in this field? If so, we would like you to understand the need for social media marketing in ecommerce business strength. It is said that such a marketing technique has a great contribution to business reputation.

Experts heading to repair online reputation make use of social media marketing and management tools to manage the social media activities of a business. Here we have penned down a few best tools that are preferred by the marketers.

5 Best social media marketing tools for your ecommerce business

  1. Taggbox Commerce: When you are serious about your ecommerce marketing through social media, you must think about Taggbox Commerce. The tool gives you access to integrate visual content with the online shopping page.

    With Taggbox Commerce, you can convert social media content into shoppable posts and use it to market your products on your ecommerce website. You can even add a CTA in your visuals, providing a buying option to the customers straight from the posts.

    The tool allows you to get real-time content updates, customize the content on social pages, and display the ecommerce outlet on the social wall. If you want to make your website visible to your social audience, this can definitely be one way out.  
  2. Google Analytics: If you have a very tight budget but still don’t want to leave the scope of social media marketing of your business, Google Analytics can be the best choice.
    Unlike other tools, Google Analytics gives you an insight into brand performance on social media. Starting from the volume of traffic to ROI evaluations on different campaigns, conversion gained, content performance metrics, and many more, you can get a complete overview of the social performance.

    This free tool can certainly be a great choice if you want to build a good relationship with your targeted audience on social media.
  3. Hootsuite: Are you looking for a premium social media management platform? Choose Hootsuite and manage your social media accounts now. From curating quality content for social media to tracking social media campaigns and gaining meaningful insights, Hootsuite is responsible for everything.

    Using Hootsuite, you can monitor your competitor's activities on social media. You can discover different trends used by them and accordingly optimize your content, boosting your social media performance. The well-known social media monitoring tool is rich with multiple features. Just you need to avail it smartly.
  4. Buffer: Another breathtaking social media tool is Buffer. Like other tools, it also allows scheduling, drawing analytics, and collaborations. What makes the difference is the way it manages the content and keeps the users engaged and updated.
     Suppose you want to post content on all your social media networking channels or update the same content simultaneously. In that case, Buffer gives you a dashboard. You can simply log in to the dashboard and make changes that get reflected on all the channels.

    Besides, Buffer also generates real-time analytics like the number of impressions, engagement, clicks, retweets, mentions, and much more. If you are interested to make a report on all these, Buffer will be the best choice.
  5. Sprout Social: Looking for something using which you can optimize your social media activities? Sprout Social is at your rescue. It is a tool that can be utilized for social media content publishing, listening, analytics, optimization, and engagement.

    Businesses are often desperate about what people say about their brand. They want to get full coverage of the customers’ behavior and learn about their reactions. All of which is possible with Sprout Social.
    Sprout Social has the potential to manage the inbox messages of different platforms. No matter which channel it is, the tool gathers all the conversations in one place and gives you access to learn about them. This assists a lot in providing more customer-specific products, thus building a good reputation both online and offline.  



Done with your SEO tools and strategies? Now it’s time to think about your social media activities seriously. Make use of the above-mentioned social media marketing tools and manage all your social channels properly.

For more details, you can connect with a reputation management company in your area and talk with the experts.

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