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7 Tools To Embed Instagram Feeds On Shopify website 2021

Amazing tools to embed Instagram feeds on Shopify website in 2021

This article will brief you about the best 7 applications that lets you embed instagram feeds on your web platforms and makes them shoppable for your customers. The instagram applications can easily be integrated with Shopify.

  1. Instagram Widget by Tagembed 

Instagram widget by Tagembed is an amazing tool that will help you embed instagram feeds directly on your shopify website and other web platforms, making them shoppable for your customers. It offers amazing customization and advanced CSS features such as banners, color, fonts, style, themes and more that embed alluring instagram feed on the web platform in the form of a visual gallery. 

The content curation and moderation tool helps you keep the unwanted trolls and posts away from your site to maintain the quality web content. Instagram Widget comes with robust analytics that helps you monitor the website performance such as user engagement, active users and more. It also fetches reviews and comments regarding your product which creates a sense of social proof in customers’ mind.

  1. Shop Instagram & UGC by Socialshopwave

Shop Instagram & UGC by Socialshopwave is an app that allows you to create an amazing Instagram from which your customers can purchase items. There are numerous great features to this application. First of all, on your homepage, Instagram shop page, or product page, you can use beautiful Instagram photos as purchasable galleries in various styles. 

Secondly, on Instagram images, you can tag your goods and make them shoppable, which ensures that your clients can purchase products from anywhere on your website. Thirdly, you can let your visitors add products to the cart and buy the items directly from images on your website without having to use additional searching with the instant purchases feature. In addition, the pop-up will be displayed without leaving your Shopify site to enable your visitors to view all images and product details.  

  1. Social Feed by Powr.io

In case you have excellent content on your Instagram page and you want to showcase on your website but are afraid of the recurring problem, you can use Instagram Facebook News Feed to automatically update the content from your embedded Instagram feeds to your website. In addition, you can change the look to make the text more beautiful or suit your shop, such as adjusting the colours, fonts or editing the size, etc. 

The application allows users to use any language for creating instagram feeds, so you can typically embed on your website no matter where you are from or who your customers are. The shop owners can also set the refresh rate for updating the content. Another benefit of the tool is that you can instal it for free and later uninstall it , in case you aren’t happy with its operation.

  1. InstaShow by Elfsight

The application offers essential functionalities for shop managers. You can create amazing content for marketing using the product’s images, which makes the product position more impressive in the minds of the customers. You can add tags, hashtags and photo URLs on your images from the brand instagram feeds. 

Moreover the administrators can easily alter and adjust the size of the instagram feeds as well as incorporate filters or effects like brightness to create beautiful pictures. The app allows administrators to configure the galleries’ interface by using the square icons. You will experience other enticing features such as instagram feed title placement, schedule time for posting and language choices.      

  1. Instagram shop by Snapppt

Snapppt’s Instagram shop is an app that enables clients to shop on your instagram feed. This app has a variety of features that can be useful for you. By connecting your instagram feeds with your goods, it will boost your sales. You can also make your average looking instagram feeds more engaging by making them shoppable and placing product page galleries, catalogues, lookbooks and embeddable Instagram galleries in it. 

You can recognise the photos that prompt your customers to come to your stores and those that force them to purchase by using visual marketing analytics. It helps you gain deep insights into customer interaction and conversions. With Snapppt, you can make your instagram feed the next visual customer acquisition funnel, a sales pipeline that will make it easy to purchase the product your customers see in your embedded instagram feed.

  1. AuthentiPix by Redbit development

AuthentiPix is an application that allows you to deliver more unique deals for new goods to customers or in other words, to engage them in your campaign and let them be your brand ambassadors. Installing this app, enables you to select unique hashtags or to update your website or use your marketing plan from your Instagram gallery feeds. 

Before embedding instagram feeds to your shopify website, you can review and approve the content, including text and picture, and it can avoid unnecessary reputational scandals. Moreover, you are able to adjust the style of the widget to blend with your theme or suit your preference. Another thing is that this app helps your clients to comment and share their interactions with others, so it can help promote your instagram feeds and sales.  

  1. Instagram Capture & Automation by Gatsby

It is an application that helps you discover powerful customers to maximise conversion. It collects the customers’ Instagram profiles and audience reach and then kicks off influence-based marketing automation. This app designs an offer that catches potential customers’ email addresses. Later, you can set Gatsby to instantly engage your most influential customers to help you boost sales immediately. 

In addition, it lets you connect with your actual customers and inspires their love for your brand. It brings them back to the platform instead of wasting time and money sourcing for individuals who are actively trying to sell their feed for money. By sending them direct emails saying hello or asking for feedback, this app will help you build a relationship with your customers. 

Final Words

Instagram has become a levelling ground for many brands with a whopping 800 million monthly active users to encourage user interaction and attract new followers and sell branded goods. While there are a plethora of applications for instagram on Shopify, we listed a few of them with the intent to help you choose the best one that can engage your audience in the long run.


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