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How To Embed Google Review Widget On Your Brand Website?

This comprehensive blog will give you insights about the benefits of embedding google reviews widget on your website and an easy tool that will help you with the same, regardless of how tech-savvy you are.

Whenever a person wants to buy a new product, book a hotel room, or otherwise do business with a company, they check for online reviews. When making a decision, these reviews have become the deciding factor. Hence, one cannot afford to disregard them. While reading reviews, an individual expects the source to be trustworthy, and what better source will they find other than Google? Probably none.

Google reviews are known for being reliable and exclusively for encouraging honest consumer-written reviews. Anonymous reviews are not authorized and they have a powerful anti-spam filter that keeps the comment list safe and ingenious. It is very simple to see why so many website owners want to learn how to embed Google reviews on their site with these features. 

This comprehensive blog will give you insights about the benefits of embedding google reviews widget on your website and an easy tool that will help you with the same, regardless of how tech-savvy you are.


How Are Google Reviews Beneficial?

When people want to shell out some amount of money, they first go through the online reviews. There doesn’t exist an exception to it. If they can't find any feedback at all, they don’t trust the source and instead search for the one with reviews. Google released a tool not long ago that enables individuals to leave feedback for companies with which they connect or associate. You need to use Google My Business, previously known as Google Places, to get your company listed here in the first place. 

Owned by Google, this tool allows business owners to list their businesses online and allows ordinary citizens to check their services. Google carefully verifies the listing and it is not easy to gain their confidence, which makes the process of verification very secure. You will be able to list the location of your business, your working hours, some images, after receiving approval, and you can also respond to all the reviews that are published on Google Reviews.

The review system of Google My Company is based on a star rating out of 5, plus an option for the reviewers to write a comment. Among Google Reviews, there is no room for fake comments, as they ban all anonymous ones and mark the most appropriate reviews to list them first.

The two key reasons why you want Google Reviews to be incorporated on your own website are :

1. Your brand gains recognition

In the era of social media, not having a well-branded online presence leads to mistrust and losing potential customers. The most effective way of gaining social recognition and trust is by obtaining and responding to public feedback. This is generally the number one reason to embed Google reviews on a website because all successful marketers realize that a factor called “Social proof” affects customers.

It relates to the psychological effect of watching and hearing what others are doing, and how people are motivated to make those choices. In this situation, they too will shape a favorable opinion about your company after your potential customers read positive Google reviews from others.

When you have fake and negative reviews, though, there is a huge question, but, with a little patience, you can handle them effectively.


2. Improves your website SEO

Improving Search Engine Optimization is another reason behind learning how to embed Google reviews on your website. It is not a secret that feedback and testimonials send some good signals about your business to the search engine algorithms. 

Including Google reviews on your website could make it among the first results of the search engine list, because getting many good reviews is a sign of authority and reliability of the website. If reviews are completely absent, your business and the website can be questionable for both users and search engines. 

You can embed Google reviews on your website for enhancing the search rankings as well as better CTR (Click Through Rate). Use a Google review widget so that visitors find the features quickly. Adding review sources like Booking or Trip Advisor next to your Google review scan also enhances your website SEO. 

Steps To Embed Google Review Widget On Your Website Using Tagembed

Tagembed is one of the best tools to embed Google Review Widget on your website. It helps you curate the reviews before displaying them on your website. With the moderation feature, you can decide which comment and testimonials to block, in order to maintain the quality.

The coding-free steps are easy to implement. It consists of two main steps.

A). Create the Google Review Widget

  1. Sign Up to the Tagembed account or log in to your existing account.
  2. In the dashboard, click on the Add Social Feeds option.
  3. A popup appears. Select Google among the various mentioned platforms.
  4. Choose My Places or Enter a location to fetch the reviews. 
  5. Click on the checkbox to enable content moderation and then click on the Create Feed button.
  6. Provide the necessary information to begin fetching the Google Reviews.

Once you have created the widget, you will be redirected to the editor panel, where you get access to various advanced features such as Customization, Moderation, Analytics, and more.


B). Embed the widget on your website

  1. Click on the Publish button, present on the bottom-left corner of the editor page.
  2. A popup appears with a list of website building platforms. Choose your preferable platforms as per your website requirements.
  3. Set the widget dimensions according to the website design.
  4. Copy the generated code and paste it into your website editor. 

Within a few minutes, your website will start flashing valuable feedback from your loyal and satisfied customers.


Wrapping Up 

Google My Business holds a great significance in listing your services and goods professionally on the World Wide Web. Nothing is more important than letting your customers know that your previous consumers were happy with the products or services they received. All digital marketers would recommend embedding Google Review widget on your website. So, don’t think twice if you have been planning this for a while now. 

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