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Which is better: Facebook Ads vs Google Ads?

Several web design elements influence the way a published content will look on your website. This will also impact the way search engine spiders crawl and create an index of the website.

In recent times advertisers witnessed Google AdWords and Facebook Ads with adversary approaches. Both companies are having years of rivalry, which is dramatized by technology and established the fact that two platforms maintain direct competition with each other. Well, this turned the decision of businesses difficult about the right platform to match their needs. A line of confusion does exist which is quite misleading for those you are new to the concept of online advertising.

The Strengths and Pros of Google AdWords:

Being the popular and prime search engine, Google is recognized as the de facto leader of the online advertising world.

  • Huge Audience: One key advantage of Google in shape advertising platform is nothing but the immense reach it has. Google manages 40,000 + search queries per second, with a total of around 1.2 trillion web searches annually. There is no such search engine which can offer such potential audience like Google. To much potential made Google an excellent choice for digital marketing.
  • Relevance rewarded by Google: AdWords focuses strictly on the quality in addition to the relevance of ads. The importance is not given on the amount spent by advertisers. More relevant will the ad be for the user, better will be the experience. This will encourage them to continue using Google as their trusted search engine.
  • Variations in Ad Formats: PPC ads in AdWords are mostly text-based, but advertisers can take advantage of the incredible number of features to turn the ads compelling and appealing for the prospective customers. Google also introduced ad formats tailor-made for specific businesses with unique needs.


The Strengths and Pros of Facebook Ads

When Compared with Google AdWords, you may find Facebook Ads bit scrappy. But yes, indeed, Facebook is constantly refining to improve the advertising services in the last few years. Today, Facebook Ads emerged out as one of the trusted paid social. It plays a central role in making business' digital marketi ng strategies.


  • Unparallel range of Audience: Very similar to Google Ads, Facebook Ads is also having a vast volume of the global audience. It's the proud owner of 1.55 BILLION active users monthly. Exposing advertisers and messages by them among the audience, Facebook's strength lies in the fact that it offers scope to advertisers to target potential Facebook Users.
  • Visually appealing ads: Facebook ads are loved for its powerful visual which unfortunately Google Ads lack. FB makes the perfect blend of videos, visual content, and images in users' News Feeds. It encourages advertisers to invest in Facebook ads to get the advantage of high qualities visual ads.
  • Excellent ROI: One of the key features of Facebook Ads which keeps is ahead of Google ads is the potential return on investment. Even savvy advertisers with limited ad budgets can survive well on this platform.


Well, the above descriptions about the advantages of Facebook Ads and Google Ads are enough to decide which one will be best for you. If you are looking for an experienced Google ads agency India which is also a trusted Facebook ad agency India then bank on the services of Apex Infotech India. Quality services at the best price is a promise made to every customer of Apex.

This stage is having the capacity to make more leads and draw in more clients to your business. Such an element started an expansion in the interest for Facebook advertisements administrations in India. Before you bounce into Facebook publicizing you should think about its promoting highlights which will be gainful for you. Choose best facebook marketing agency in India.


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