5 cheap states to live in Mexico and invest in real estate

Thinking of buying a house? Consider these 5 cheapest states to live in Mexico and grow your family wealth by investing in real estate.

5 cheap states to live in Mexico and invest in real estate

Thinking of buying a house? Consider these 5 cheapest states to live in Mexico and grow your family wealth by investing in real estate.


If you are looking to invest in real estate to grow your family wealth, do so in the cheapest states to live in Mexico.

Therefore, buying a property will be the best option to ensure the quality of life and tranquility of your family.

What are the cheapest states to live in Mexico?

  • Tamaulipas
  • gentleman
  • Tlaxcala
  • Colima
  • Chihuahua


Tamaulipas is one of the largest states in the country located in the north of the country, its geographical location allows easy travel to the United States and is one of the cheapest states to live in Mexico.

The state is a privileged tourist destination for having five beaches with infrastructure in hotels and gastronomy.

The health, industrial and technological sectors of Tamaulipas are among the best in the country, ensuring the quality of life for your family.

Likewise, since 2016, the Ministry of Economic Development and Tourism has consolidated the expansion of 24 logistics companies that allows economic growth in the sectors: electrical, energy, metal, mechanical and commercial. Giving safe jobs to the population.

In addition, its location allows it to have competitive infrastructure advantages in roads, airports and commercial ports.

Currently, the state is home to large multinational companies thanks to its proximity to US cities such as McAllen.

Consider the family welfare by looking for a house in one of the best earthquake-proof states , you will be ensuring your investment.

The properties in the state of Tamaulipas have an average cost from $ 500,000.00 MXN to $ 20,000,000.00 MXN in residential estates.


Hidalgo is a little-known state located in the center of the country, but touristically recognized for its Toltec culture and for being close to the State of Mexico.

The state has magical towns (Huasca de Ocampo, Mineral del Chico, Huichapan and Real del Monte). Also, it is consolidating as a tourist destination thanks to extreme sports such as trekking, ecotourism, mountain biking and sport fishing.

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Likewise, its gastronomy is a mixture of Mexican and English culture. Hidalgo has a variety of museums, cultural activities and above all natural landscapes that have not been inhabited.

There is academic offer for all educational levels, public and private services. In addition, fewer criminal acts are committed, so there is safety on the streets.

If you decide to buy a house in the state of Hidalgo, prices range from $ 1,000,000.00 MXN to $ 19,500,000.00 MXN in residential areas with high capital gains.


Tlaxcala is the smallest state in Mexico located in the center of the country, its geographical area allows proximity to Puebla, Mexico City and Veracruz.

The state is recognized for its archeology, regional gastronomy and its colonial culture. In addition, it has a good citizen coexistence and reception for newcomers, offering a stable quality of life for its inhabitants.

Likewise, Tlaxcala is ideal to live by virtue of its easy mobility to other cities; historical and entertainment spaces; wide offer of private and public schools; pollution-free environment; quality hospitals and health centers.

If you are looking to move residence because of your economy, choose Tlaxcala, as it is considered one of the cheapest states to live in Mexico because it is a state that produces corn, beans and barley, allowing the products of the basic basket to be cheaper, as well as basic household services and education.

Likewise, investing in real estate in the state of Tlaxcala is more accessible, you will find properties for sale from $ 500,000.00 MXN to $ 8,400,000.00 MXN in high value areas such as the Historic Center and Val Quirico.


Colima is located in the western region of the country, close to Jalisco and Michoacán. In addition, the state protects one of the best cities to live in Mexico with children , which is Colima.

Likewise, life in the state of Colima is one of the best thanks to the offer of jobs, quality education, health services and high safety rates.

Also, it stands out for its recreational centers, museums, public and private services.

Therefore, investing in real estate in one of the cheap states to live in Mexico will be very profitable since Colima is in high demand in the industrial, agricultural and foreign trade sectors.

Homes in the state of Colima are priced from $ 500,000.00 MXN to $ 7,850,000.00 MXN.


Chihuahua has a privileged location connecting with the United States through international bridges. For this reason, it has become a tourist and business destination.

If you are looking to move to one of the cheapest states to live in Mexico, start doing it in Chihuahua. The state's economy is on the rise thanks to exports and alliances with multinational companies.

In addition, the industrial parks protect more than 300 maquiladoras from different sectors of food, electrical / electronic, mining and textiles. Also, it is one of the best tourist destinations in the country, among its attractions are the Copper Canyon and the Chepe Train route.

Likewise, the quality of life in the state is one of the best in Mexico, thanks to the public and private educational offer; coexistence and security; vehicular mobility; clean environment; health and entertainment centers.

You will find properties for auction from $ 220,000.00 MXN to $ 8,300,000.00 MXN in private subdivisions in the state of Chihuahua .

Now that you know where to invest in real estate in Mexico . We recommend that you continue visiting our Vivanuncios real estate portal to find out about more real estate offers.


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