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5 Chores to Complete before the Movers Come

To know about the tasks to complete before the movers come, kindly read this blog now. Here, you will get some useful tips on relocation.

Before the movers and packers come to your house to pack your belongings, you need to complete a few chores. This is the reason why you should plan and start ahead so that you have plenty of time in your hands. It will give you time to make a moving calendar, create an inventory, plan what you need to move and whatnot, etc. You should start at least 40 days ahead. Otherwise, things can go for a toss!

Now before one of the best long distance moving companies Los Angeles come to your house, you should complete a few chores so that it is faster and easier. To know more, kindly read the rest of this blog.


Before the movers come, you should get the old, as well as the new apartments, cleaned. For the old one, you need to clean it as a responsible tenant and to get your deposit back. And for the new one, you must do it as you don’t want to start your new life in someone else’s mess, right? It is always better to get it done by professionals rather than doing it alone. If you leave it to the experts, you would be doing yourself a favor by saving yourself from back pain. Moreover, you can devote the time to planning the new house’s décor, completing pending paperwork, transferring utilities, etc.

Before it is too late, you should also inform the banks about the address change. You should also cancel all the subscriptions at the old address.


If it is a local move, you should go and measure all the corners of the house to check if the existing furniture would fit the corners or not. Because obviously, there is no point in paying for the shipment of furniture only to find that they won’t make it through the doorway or won’t complement the small room, etc. You should always take the measurements and plan the relocation of your bed, piano, couch, etc., accordingly. However, if it is a long-distance move, it can be difficult to get such measurements unless the broker helps you with the same.


Before the cheap movers Los Angeles come to your house, you should go through everything you own and then get rid of items that you don’t need or use any longer. If there is any item that you haven’t used in the past year, then you should get rid of the same. From old clothes and books to duplicate appliances, I am sure that your house is full of such things. Make a list of such items and pack them separately. Remember the lighter you pack, the lower amount you have to pay the movers.

Donating or Selling

Once you have separated the items, you have to donate or sell the items. You can either make some money by selling them or you can donate them to the people who are in dire need of the items.

Packing Irreplaceable Items

Before the movers come, you should also pack some of the most precious items you own, such as heirlooms, jewelry, documents, crucial paperwork, etc. I would always suggest you move these items on your own and not leave this to the movers and packers. You should pack them in a bag and carry the bag with you when you travel.

So these are a few things you need to remember. Follow the same and your move would be a seamless one.

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