The Complete Guideline for a Seamless Relocation

For a smooth move, please give this blog a very good read without any delay. It will help you to plan a hassle-free move.

Moving is a nightmare! It is time-consuming, boring, tiring, exhausting and needs a lot of planning. And since you are so busy, it is very frustrating to plan a move and work accordingly.

If you think you can’t handle it, then hiring moving service Charlotte NC makes sense. They would help you with the packing, loading, unloading and even unpacking. They will take care of the logistics and would plan the route as well.

Once they are at your doorstep, you will have fewer things to worry about. However, if you are still concerned and want a compilation of the things that you need to keep in mind, then please read the rest of this blog.

If you are packing some of the things by yourself, then do not throw random items in a box and slap some tape on top! This is the biggest blunder one can commit. Make sure that you organize the items in the carton properly and yes, fill up the empty space (if any) with lots of packing paper or bubble wraps.

You should create an inventory of all the rooms and if possible, create three lists – items you would take, items you need to get rid of and items that you can do without. Donate or sell items that you don’t need anymore. This way, you will be able to save a lot of time as well as money.

Do not procrastinate when it comes to booking the movers. The demand for moving companies is high and the best ones get booked even a month before the date. So be very careful and get in touch with them at the earliest. If you have plans to pack some of the items by yourself, then start early so that you have plenty of time in hand to complete your work.

You should also request a list of non-allowable from your moving company Charlotte NC. This would ensure that you get rid of the items or use them up to prevent wastage. Some of the items are perishable food, explosive or flammable substances, plants, corrosive items, etc.

Create a day-by-day packing calendar and maintain it from the beginning till the end. You should also maintain a file to document everything – quotes from different companies, a list of services, etc.

If you need storage for a few days, search the moving companies accordingly.

To avoid any kind of injuries, designate a room as your packing station. This would prevent injuries, help you maintain sanity and ensure that the other rooms are clutter-free.

You should ask the movers to start with the bulky items and then move on to the lighter ones.

If you are packing a few items by yourself, ask your friends or family members to help you. If they want to start with a room, then ask them to start with the garage, closet, and storerooms and then move on to the kitchen, bedroom, and washroom.

For extra protection, ask them to use towels, tees, packing paper, etc. for your belongings. Before hiring a company, kindly check their insurance policies as well. They should be eager to enlighten you about the same. You should use small boxes for bulky items like books.

The movers should label the cartons properly. Using “Delicate” label on boxes with cutlery, dishware, etc. makes sense.

I hope that this blog was helpful to you all. If you have other tips, then please share it with my readers. To hire the best 2 men and truck Charlotte NC, read my other rb_blog and articles. Thank me later!

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