A Guideline on Giving Tips to Your Moving Company

To get tips on tipping a moving company, you can read the blog now. Here, you will find some useful information about moving.

Moving is a very hectic process and we all know that by now. This is the reason why tipping is a general habit in this industry. It is just a way to show that you are appreciating the hard work they have done for you. However, it is not a compulsion and it all depends on your free will. If you do not have the budget, you can skip on it completely.

You can also refrain from tipping the movers if their work was unsatisfactory, of they were unprofessional or unpunctual, if they were not careful with your delicate items, or if they haven’t listened to your requirements. There is no need to shed an amount if you were not happy with them.

* So before deciding on the amount, you need to ask yourself a few questions?

* Did they put in their 100%? Are you really happy with the work?

* Were they careful with the delicate items? Did they listen to your specific needs?

* Were they polite?

* Was the weather favorable or harsh? Did they try hard to meet your expectations?

* Does your old or new house have narrow passages, doorways, stairways, etc.?

* Did they use enough padding for the items?

* Did you avail of any extra services? Or were there any last moment emergencies which they handled at ease?

* Is this a local move or a long-distance one? You can consider tipping more to the long distance movers in Denver.

But if you want to tip your chosen affordable moving company in Denver, then make sure that everyone in the team gets an equal amount.

Now comes the million-dollar question – how much should you tip? Well honey, to be honest, there is no rule boom about the same. You can go with what you are comfortable with and if you have a flexible budget, don’t think twice to stretch it a bit.

You can give them a generous tip or a basic tip - it is all up to you. If you go for the best moving company in Seattle, I am sure that you would feel like tipping them as they would most likely provide great services.

While deciding the amount, take three factors into consideration – your budget, satisfaction level, and job performance. If there were bad situations like no access to the elevator or harsh weather conditions and yet, your movers have managed to pull off the move without any hindrance, then I think they deserve some applause and appreciation.

Tipping them or telling them that you would tip generously would motivate them to complete the chores fast and in a safe manner.

Before making the payment, make sure that your belongings have arrived in proper condition. You should also tally them with your inventory.

If your budget doesn’t permit, then there are other ways of showing appreciation as well. If it is too hot, offer them cold drinks and water. You can provide a small refrigerator with cold water, etc.

If it is cold, then offer some hot beverages like tea and coffee and make sure you put the heater on. You can also offer them meals if they are staying for long hours as you have a lot of belongings.

Help them with all the directions so that the work gets over fast. If you are impressed with their work but don’t have the budget to tip them, then leave a fine review on their website. You can also leave reviews on sites like Yelp, BBB, etc., which would be of great help to them. In fact, many moving companies would appreciate this favor more! You can also refer them to your friends and family who are also in search of the best movers Denver.

Now that you know it all, make your decision wisely. And to choose the best affordable movers Seattle, read my other rb_blog and articles.

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